A Deeper Shade of Blackberry

Disclaimer: I do not own digimon. Toei Animations and Bandai do. AquaRivamon owns her digimon character, AquaRivamon. (Ironic, isn't it? ^_^)

Chibi-Akuji: This fic is written  as a request for my good friend, and fellow artist, AquaRivamon. [to Aqua] I hope you and the audience likes it [to audience] If you want to know more about her characters, read her stories and look at her art. [to Aqua] I love your art sooooo much! Hehe [to audience] Anyhow…enjoy!


            The forest flew by in a collage of green. No single tree could be seen individually anymore.  Although the road was winding, the runner found it easy to navigate. She would have to. She was in danger. She was to be taken, and not just by force…that’s what frightened her. Even the weather seemed to be against her. Cumulo-nimbus clouds had formed and thunder, lightning and torrential rain tried to thwart her efforts of escape. But she had to…nothing should have to deal with what she was escaping, not even she. She was innocent, and she wanted to keep it that way. She wasn’t about to give up her innocence to some virus digimon hunting her down for his own desires, no matter how attractive he was.

            She looked skyward as she heard a whooshing sound above her. She saw nothing and continued to run faster. She could not continue like this…her legs were on fire, her lungs felt like they were about to explode, but she ran even faster…she might even give Sonicmon some competition at the moment. Suddenly the sky lit up white as a bolt of lightning hit a tree in front of her. She skidded to a stop, falling on her rump and sliding on it. She crashed legs first into a boulder in the path. The lightning burned through the limb of the tree and started to descend on her. She was not able to escape it. She covered her eyes with her arms, awaiting the inevitable crack of the branch across her skull. She knew that even her bronze armor wasn’t going to save her from this blow.

            Much to her surprise, the limb didn’t fall on her head… in fact it didn’t fall at all. Not a thud or anything was heard at any time. She slowly unshielded her face and was met with one she did not want to see. It was the one who was chasing; he was standing there, tree limb in hand, grinning a fanged grin as he tossed the limb aside. She struggled to her feet, but soon stumbled back to the earth to find that it was possible she had broken her ankle crashing into that big rock. She pushed herself off the ground again and managed to stand, putting most of her weight on her good leg. She cupped her hands in front of her as small energy balls probed around her hands and grew into a big energy at the apex of her hands. The stalker only smiled crookedly.

            “Aquatic Disperse!”

            The energy between her hands disappeared for a moment before a massive beam of blue energy emerged from them, rushing towards the other digimon’s location. He simply put up a hand and deflected the blast into the air. She growled. Breathing heavily, she raised her arms again for another assault. Before she could even charge up, a massive claw wrapped itself around her midsection and shocked.

            “Touch of Evil!”

            She shrieked, as she was shocked to a higher state of consciousness before collapsing to the ground, weakly trying to get up. The other digimon approached.

            “Do not bother to get up, AquaRivamon, I shall take your body from the ground, for even an armor digimon has not a chance against me!”

            “You…can't…” she managed. “I-I…won't…let…you…! I…am…no one’s…toy…!”

            “Give it up,” he smirked. “You can't even stand, let alone fight back. Legend has it that Dramon’s have one of the tightest pussies in the digital world. I shall enjoy finding out, and taking it for my own!”

            Aqua gasped as he instantly had her up in the air above his head, with a massive claw. He managed to remove the rest of the already shattered armor covering her private parts.

            N-no…! Stop…!” she pleaded.

            He paid no attention as he drove his long, snake-like tongue deep into her sex, extending her full length and tasting her cervix wall. She gasped as this action made her tingle deep inside, equivalent to an itch that she just couldn’t reach. He continued his feast as she wriggled and writhed in his massive crimson talon. He moved to her inner walls, probing them with his tongue, making her start to breathe heavy, she having no control over it. Also, she was becoming uncontrollably wet. She was able to dislodge her arms from his talon but wasn’t able to do much after that, due to the fact that he had used one of his rookie attacks on her…right were it counted.

            He locked his mouth ever her hole and muttered, “Evil Whisper.”

            She howled into the storm as the assault on her womonhood rocked her world, the torturous, yet pleasurable wave of evil energy surging through her body. The sensation rendered her paralyzed, not allowing her to fight anymore. He was about to continue his sensual act when a sound from behind caught his attention. He lowered Aqua to chest level and wheeled around to see what it was. A sinister smile crept across his face as he saw who it was… a fellow Virii lord. Aqua closed her eyes in defeat. It was bad enough that she was overpowered by a champion digimon, the consequence being forcible sex, but now she was in the presence of a mega digimon, who was probably going to nail her to the ground.

            “Ah…BlackWarGreymon… such a lovely day, isn’t it? And the womon are feisty tonight also… just the way I like it! Would you care for a bit of this uncharitable wench when I am done with her?”

            “Actually, no,” he replied coldly. “I’ve come to stop you from making a stupid mistake. Put down the girl, immediately!”

            Aqua’s eyes shot open and looked directly at the newcomer, confused. She also managed to use her tail to cover her entrance from the intruder who had hold of her at the moment. She yelped as she was let go and crashed to the ground, the digimon dropping her hard. He turned to BlackWarGreymon.

            “Are you challenging me?” he gloated, overconfidently. “Are you saying that you are going to stop me from getting what I want? No one stops a Devimon from getting what he wants!”

            “Don’t make me do this, Devimon,” BlackWarGreymon said patiently.

            “Evil Wing!” Devimon shouted, releasing a flurry of bats in BlackWarGreymon’s direction.

            BlackWarGreymon stood in place against the force of the attack before jumping high in the air and coming with one of his own. He raised his arms above him, collecting a global amount of crimson coloured energy and sending it forward with the motion of his arms.

            “Terra Destroyer!”

*          *          *

            “Digitamamon!” BlackWarGreymon thundered throughout the hotel’s hallways. It was strange. The egg had so many businesses, so many residences, it was a wonder how he maintained all of them. It always seemed as though he was never there…yet…

            “Someone rang?” came a voice from behind.

            …yet he always seemed to appear out of nowhere. BlackWarGreymon wheeled around and came face to face with the ultimate egg digimon, who oh-so-loved money and everything that had to do with it. BlackWarGreymon stared him down heatedly, for sneaking up on them, like he always did. But the egg didn’t even shrink under the glare he was receiving.

            “I thought I told you not to do that?” he scolded. “You’re going to give some digimon heart attacks one day.”

            “Hey!” Digitamamon complained. “Do you know how hard it is to be in so many places at the same time? It’s not an easy task, but hey it’s a living.”

            BlackWarGreymon had not put down the digimon he had in tow in his arms so he couldn’t even slap his forehead. So he face faulted and shook it instead.

            “Just get us a room…” he sighed.

            “Speaking of which,” he added, “what happened to her?”

            “I was going to wait until she awoke to ask her. So far, all that I can gather is that she got into a battle and didn’t do too well.”

            “Well,” he said, handing the mega a key, “just call me if you need anything.”

*          *          *

            After long last, AquaRivamon stirred. She had been out for quite a while and was just waking. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Her mind wandered back to what had just happened. She and a friend of hers were captured by a digimon calling himself Devimon for his evil purposes. They had been in captivity in his dark sinister abode for about a week where they were subjected to different types of tortures and…other things. Her friend had gotten the brunt of all of it, being the more aggressive of the two of them. Aqua watched as she got whipped, beaten, ran through the feared digigauntlet, and worse of all…raped.

            She remembered that day. Her friend was mouthing off with Devimon, who then forcefully removed her from the dungeon she was in and used an attack on her. She collapsed, where he then proceeded to take advantage of her body. He flipped her over and locked his mouth over her wet spot, where he feasted from her strawberry pie. She had become aware of the situation and tried to wiggle and writhe out of his grip, where all he did was smack her across her body. Heat started to rise from her body and her breathing increased as her folds unwillingly became wet.


            When Devimon was satisfied with her slickness, he flipped her back right side up, got behind her and grabbed her by her throat. He then continued to fondle and molest her now exposed breasts…squeezing, teasing and tantalizing them. She continued to resist, and he continued to discipline her for it. He then took a nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue gently and somewhat lovingly at first…until he bit down sharply on her breast. She screamed out as he continued to tease it and suck on it.

            At one point she had gotten her arms free, but before she could get an attack off, he threw her to the ground and kicked her, she sliding across the floor and into the far wall. It was then he proceeded to remove his pants, and all Aqua could do is watch in horror as the inevitable was about to occur. She tried with all her might to break out of the cell and try to save her friend, but it was hopeless. She returned to the scene and gasped with shock. Devimon’s tool was huge! It was not so much its gifted length, but the with that was shocking…and frightening.

            He’s going to rip her! she thought. She threw herself against the bars and screamed for Devimon to stop, but he wouldn’t listen.

            “No, stop!” she screamed. “Don’t do it! Leave her alone! You’re going to hurt her!”

            “Silence, insolent one!” he hissed back. “Your time will come soon enough!”

            Despite the whimpers, screams and pleas from her friend, he continued to advance on her. He straddled her legs around his waist and pressed the tip of his tool against the lips of her slit. She tried to lock her legs together like a vice to try and keep him from continuing, but it didn’t help much that her legs were around his waist. A sinister smile crossed Devimon’s face as he pressed inwards and impaled the tip of his tool into her, stretching her to the max. She begged and pleaded for him to stop but he turned a deaf hear to them and drove the whole of his shaft into her.

            A heart-wrenching scream filled the room. AquaRivamon shut her eyes tight. It had happened. Devimon knew he was too wide for her. He didn’t even care. He continued to pound her paralyzed pain stricken body, as she never stopped crying. Something inside Aqua snapped. A whole new feeling rushed over her, one she never experienced or was acquainted with before. Rage. It triggered the long suppressed, long hidden aggressiveness that Aqua didn’t even know she had and directed it towards the bars holding her at bay.

            She raised her hands and cupped them in front of her, substantially growing before shooting out.

            “Aquatic Disperse!” she screamed as her energies came in contact with the jail cell and shattered it.

            “What the hell?” Devimon exclaimed as he dislodged his tool from her friends ravaged, bloodied cooch.

            He came face to face with an angered, berserk AquaRivamon. She had her head down, glaring angrily at him through slatted eyes; her tightly clenched fists energized with an energy that glowed around them, the same shade of blue that her eyes were glowing. Devimon stared back with a frosty smile.

            “What,” he scorned, “do you really think that you can stand against me? Do you know who I am? I am Devimon! The strongest champion digimon in the Digiworld!”

            As if in response, an “Aquatic Disperse!” could be heard, followed by bluish energy emitting forcefully from her, directed at him. Too bad it came in contact with a wave of dark energy as an “Evil Wing!” echoed her attack and clashed with that instead of Devimon’s body. The force of the two attacks hitting each other caused an explosion, sending the both of them into opposite walls. Devimon was quick to recover, hovering over the dizzied, slow to get up Aqua.

            “Aqua…!” her friend managed weakly, shakily sitting up. “Look out…! Get…out of…there…!”

            Devimon wheeled around and held up his talon.

            “Silence!” he screamed. “Razor Wing!”

            “NOOOO!” Aqua screamed. “LILLYMON!!”

Chibi-Akuji: NO, it’s not the Lillymon you’re thinking of; she’s not Mimi’s Lillymon. ^_^

            Aqua’s eyes changed from rage filled to heart break as she watched her friend fly through the air and land with a sickening thud, sliding about twenty feet, a crimson streak being left behind. Aqua cried. She was instantly at her friend’s side, holding her head up gently. Tears streaked from her eyes, dripping down onto her friend as she looked up and weakly smiled at her.

            “Lillymon…you’re going to be okay! We can go and find Gennai and he’ll fix you up! You will be perfect in no time…”

            Lillymon just shook her head. “No…it’s too late for that…my time has come…”

            “No!” Aqua protested. “Don’t leave me…!”

            “I’ll be back one day…you’ll see…”

            It was then that Lillymon began to depixelate. Slowly but surely, she was going to be reformatted. Aqua’s eyes shimmered.

            “Lillymon…! Don’t go…! I don’t want you to leave me…! Lillymon!”

            Lillymon slowly closed her eyes, and before she was totally deleted, she whispered, “Run…”

~End Flashback~

            She was about to revert to tears when she heard someone shift in the room. She looked to her left, and then to her right, before sitting up quickly in her bed. She came face to face with an equally surprised BlackWarGreymon, who was brought to awareness with her sudden movements. She was about to jump back and shriek…before the events of that afternoon flooded her head.


            BlackWarGreymon had just used his finishing move against Devimon. Now, to any other champion standing against this attack, the force of the Terra Destroyer alone would surely have deleted them. But, this being the Devimon every digimon knew and feared, he escaped with his unconscious self. AquaRivamon watched as the newcomer landed, but instead of advancing on the fallen foe and delivering the finishing blow, he was headed in her direction. She pulled her legs in and leaned back as she tried to faintly gather some distance between them. He was still a virus. He was also a mega. She was only an armor champion. There was no way she could defend against anything he had in mind. But as he continued to advance on her, he didn’t look evil or seem to have ill intent in his heart for some reason; she could sense it.

            She tensed as he raised his arm from his side, she covering her face from whatever he was about to do. BlackWarGreymon withdrew slightly; he didn’t expect to have such an intimidating effect on her. Having retracted the Dramon Destroyers on each of his hands, he reached out, palm up. Being kind of embarrassed at her silly actions towards the one who had just saved her in more ways than one, she lowered her arms, stared at his hand confusedly and looked up in his face. It appeared warm and caring to her. It was then he spoke.

            “Are you all right?” he asked, concern apparent in his voice for some reason. “Can you walk?”

            She hesitantly took his hand. “I think…”

            She attempted to manage her weight on her injured leg and ended up stumbling, the mega keeping her from engaging the ground. As she looked up into his copper eyes, she was immediately taken by the emotion in them.

~End Flashback~

            “Are you all right…?” BlackWarGreymon asked again.

            “Huh?” she blinked.

            Aqua hadn’t really heard him the first time. The first time he asked her served to bring her back to reality. It was the second time he asked her that she had to answer.

            “I…I’m fine…thanks to you…”

            There was an awkward silence, as either didn’t know what to make of each other. Aqua took this time to observe her surroundings. She noticed that BlackWarGreymon had removed his gauntlets that housed his Dramon Destroyers. She found that they were no longer in the middle of a forest, but in some sort of hotel room. She then remembered about her shattered armor that she was no longer wearing and instantly went to cover herself. But as she reached down, she found herself covered in sheets from the bed she also just found herself sitting in, complete with a robe to sleep in. Finally, BlackWarGreymon broke the silence.

            “I have taken your armor to the blacksmith. It should be ready some time later this evening. I will bring it to you, if you wish.”

            She eyed him curiously and gave him a small smile.

            “Thank you very much,” she told him. She paused for a second and sighed. “You…are after the bounty too, I take it. Give me a moment…let me compose myself. At least you are interested in taking me alive. Crap… Look…I can give you jewels…money…anything, just…let me go… I promise, I won’t do anything wrong ever, ever again,” the womon blurted out hurriedly.

            “Huh?” BlackWarGreymon said softly, arching an eyebrow. “What are you talking about? Why was that parasite after you? Are you hurt badly? There was blood on his talons, tell me you’re going to be all right?”

            She looked at him blankly.

            “Uh…yeah…I…I’m fine…that was not…mine…”

            She was silent for a moment, and then narrowed her eyes almost to slits and looked almost diabolical.

            “Are…you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

            He sat down with her, his hands caressing over her lightly, inspecting her for injuries. She might be in shock. She would not know she was badly hurt if she was in shock. She then acted kind of faint, and leaned on BlackWarGreymon.

            “Oh please, brave sir…protect me through the night! It was awful…that terrible mon…he was going to take my innocence!  He was going to cut my legs so I could not run, and have his awful way with me…Please…protect me!”

            She began crying incoherently. BlackWarGreymon took his hands off her and just let her cry. If she were almost raped, she would not really want to be touched.

            “I…I will protect you with my life, I promise,” he said softly. 

            In fact, he already had. He had taken out Devimon, who was probably madder than a hippo with a hernia, to protect her. She gasped, and, tears streaming, looking into his copper eyes.

            “You are a noble hero!” she cried, and kisses him deeply, tongue in full play. 

            BlackWarGreymon gasped softly under his breath, a fire lit inside his loin plate. He did not expect it, but he certainly did not try to stop it. It was not his place to do so, right? Finally she let him go. He swayed back and forth a bit and then shook his head, snapping out of it.

            “N-not noble…just…a virus…” he said quietly, almost dejectedly.

            “Do you…know…who I am?” she asked in near disbelief.

            “Other than a strange digimon never seen around these parts, no, not a clue…I would think if I met a lovely creature like you, I would most certainly remember…although you do look like a digimon I’ve…seen visions of…”

            She visibly blushed and then shook her head.

            “M-my name is…umm…AquaRivamon,” she said, very distantly.

            “Hi, Aqua, “he piped, almost what would be considered cheerfully to him. “Hey…I can get a room with two beds if you want.  I have enough.” 

            “N-no…that’s okay…I-I have…a favor to ask though…if you would be so kind as to grant it.”

            She shuffled her feet lightly.

            “Sure, anything you ask, if it is in my power,” he said. 

            He looked into those emerald eyes. She looked into his.

            “Make love to me,” she said very flatly. 

            BlackWarGreymon did not blink. He did not move. Something in his mind crackled though. His thoughts then raced. Why was this happening to him? What made him a target for the sexual desires of gorgeous femmes all of a sudden? Had something changed in his eyes? In his scent? Did something happen to him that fateful day on the stage when he envisioned some digimon named Arukenimon and Mummymon? Was a curse placed on him by before he left?  He croaked out, finally, several words.

            “W-why?” he squeaked.  “Why do you want…me?”

            He swallowed.  Some vacation this was turning out to be. He risked being killed and ends up in bed with another stranger. He looked at her almost plaintively. He did not dislike her, and, under normal circumstances, would have jumped at the opportunity.

            “B-because…” she stammered, looking confused.  “Am I not good enough? Am I…ugly?”

            She looked as if she was going to cry.

            “N-no!” he chirped.  “You are very beautiful… Just…I am…different…why would you want…me?”

            She thought for a moment, and finally snapped her head up.

            “You have a good heart,” she said, her tail swishing from side to side.

            BlackWarGreymon watched that beautiful aqua, finned tail; entranced, and realized that all she was wearing was the bathrobe that he had dressed her in. it was all he could find in the hotel room. She must have really been close to a point of no return with that one. How terrible. He felt severe anger for that evil one that they left behind.

            “A…good heart?” BlackWarGreymon echoed, watching that tail, his loins heating up. His body wanted it, at least. It would not be a stretch for him to do if his mind decided it was okay.

            “Y-yes…” she said, “I…I almost lost my innocence tonight…forcefully, to a brutal creature who would have not even had a second thought about me. I would have just been one of many he had taken advantage of I’m sure. My purity…would have been meaningless to him. It would not have been special. I deserve special, don’t you agree?” she pressed, pleadingly. 

            He swallowed again.

            “I... I-I guess…” he stammered, starting to see where she was going with this.

            “Then make love to me…I want to give you the innocence that you defended with your life…so it is special…so someone won it, instead of just took it,” she added softly.

            BlackWarGreymon thought a moment. It would be evil of him not to grant such a request. He would perhaps never see her again after it was done, but she could go through the rest of her life knowing her virginity was lost to someone who cared, and had a good heart. He finally closed his eyes and nodded.

            “I will do it…if it is really what you want,” he said.

            The aqua coloured digimon squealed with delight. BlackWarGreymon chuckled softly. His eyes widened as she took off robe he gave her. Two perfect breasts bounced against her chest as she lay back on the bed. BlackWarGreymon swallowed. In that one swift movement, she was nude, and stretched out before him. He took a deep breath. As tempting as it was to ravage that petite, slim body, he would take his time. This would be ceremonial. It would be tender, and passionate, and not change from that mood unless he was asked to change.

            He crawled onto the bed alongside her, and lay with a leg hooked over her, squirming out of his armor. He was already getting an erection from looking at her, knowing that he would soon make love to her. He murreled softly as she rolled slightly onto her side, and began the affectionate kissing. Her tongue moved expertly over his, and then, for some reason, became a little clumsier. BlackWarGreymon guessed that she was trying to be in control, and, as her more animal instincts took over, lost that control.

            He caressed her silky smooth body. It was dusty. She had a hard life, he could tell, but her movements were very catlike; anytime she actually changed a position, it seemed almost calculated. Perhaps she relied on speed and reflexes in her hard life.  BlackWarGreymon had only known an easy life , a rogue, a renegade. It did not require the ability to escape. If you got attacked, you fought and possibly destroyed; its not like the Digiworld’s strongest mega virus digimon was easy to kill. There was nothing you could do about it. No escaping, no chances. That’s the way things were for viruses.

            He held the femme tightly now. He knew she could feel his growing erection on her leg. And by the way she had begun to move her hips as well; he knew she was interested in becoming better acquainted with that part of his body. He could smell the heat of sex rising from her. Her waving tail flagged it thick into the air, as if she was using it to her advantage to make him harder, faster. He panted softly. It was working.

            Fully erect, he felt himself becoming moist against her leg. She rolled away from him, her nipples pert and her chest flushed under her fine aqua fur. BlackWarGreymon caressed those two perfect mounds and felt his mouth watering. He leaned down and took one precious nipple, one unmolested, untouched nub into his waiting steaming mouth, and sucked upon it very tenderly. She began to pant as hard as he was, her hips moving slowly up and down. He gasped as he felt her wetness touch the tip of his tingling cock. She had maneuvered herself so that her legs were intertwined with his, and as she pulled her legs against him, her wet slit was ragged up against his cock. BlackWarGreymon continued to kiss and lick and suckle those marvelous breasts as he felt his length slowly being swallowed by that tight opening. So hot, and slick. The intimacy, the importance of it, made him that much more excited.

            He felt her paw move down between them, and her fingers curl around his shaft, and begin to slowly pump it. He thrust his hips forward instinctively, and felt himself vanish into her warm wet darkness. She backed into him with her own thrust, encasing him completely. BlackWarGreymon noted that she did not feel as much pain as the previous womons did. She kept right on going. He was glad. He feared making her feel that pain. He began to pump a little faster, and then, feeling his own tingling getting too strong to bare, stopped, and pulled out, rolling her the rest of the way onto her back. He slid down her body.

            “N-n-no…don’t stop…please don’t…nnnggaaa!” 

            She tilted her head back and cried out softly as BlackWarGreymon’s tongue stabbed into her soaking, steaming folds. She was pouring profusely with excitement, and, by her motions, this was a hock to her, and she was already near orgasm. He held her legs and hips so she would not go out of control and hurt him when it finally happened. He sealed his muzzle around that sticky sweetness. He probed her deeply with that long reptilian licker, curling and twisting his tongue. He felt the floodgates open, and her insides buckled and she came with incredible ease. But he did not stop. BlackWarGreymon continued with passion and diligence. Faster and faster he licked, panting and lusting for the feel of this wonderful female tight around his throbbing cock.

            “Are you ready, Aqua?” he asked, panting, stroking his hard on slowly, was getting ready for her tightness, spreading his salty pre over the entire length.

            “Nnnnng…yes…GodDramon… Take me…I want it…” she cried. 

            BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened. For her first time, she knew what she wanted. He got on top of her, his cock dripping on her folds as he moved it in place. Aqua cried out softly, and lurched toward his feet, sliding down the bed, and impaling herself completely on it, moaning in passion as it entered her fully. She began bucking her hips. BlackWarGreymon gritted his teeth and tossed his head back.  Even underneath him, she was doing all the work. He rocked his hips, and then, finding a good rhythm opposite of hers, began to thrust. The sounds of their wetness filled the room. He whimpered softly, as he felt his tingling building up. They had only just met. How could this be happening to him? He held he sides of the bed, his mind spinning. She was unbelievably tight, and held her legs wide open now, taking him full into her, as deep as he wanted to put it. And more if she could get it. BlackWarGreymon felt her walls contracting around him spasmodically, and her body shuddering under his. It was close. He was ready too. He was ready to cum with her.

            “Oh GodDramon…yes…” he said softly, trying not to startle her.

            “Mmm…yes…gunna…mmmmph…gunna cummmm…” she whimpered.

            “YES!” BlackWarGreymon cried, bringing his speed up a little more, his cock slick with her juices slipping in and out of her tight pussy with slight difficulty.  “Cum with me love!”

            At these words, she cried out, her back arching. This set him off too. He felt his cream spray the walls of her sex liberally.  Squirt after powerful squirt, he emptied into her writhing body.  He groaned in pleasure as she voiced her own. LOUDLY. He fumbled for a pillow, but she stopped before he could get it. As her shaking stopped she looked up at him sleepily. BlackWarGreymon panted as he looked at the newly deflowered Aqua.

            “Th-thank you…hero,” she panted. She looked so drowsy.

            “You can sleep here, love,” he said softly.

            “Thank you again,” she said, slipping away. 

            BlackWarGreymon rolled off her to let her breathe freely. She looked like she was already asleep. BlackWarGreymon lay beside her, and slowly drifted off himself. He was on vacation after all. No sense waking her up for seconds, despite the fact that it was frequently done to him.

            As BlackWarGreymon slept, Aqua sat over him, looking at him almost mischievously. She caressed his shoulder and wagged her sleek, beautiful tail. Something troubled her though. She had to wonder how long this relationship with her hero would last. After all they were totally different types of digimon. He was a virus, she was a data. He was a reptile, she was a dragon. He was a mega, she was only an armor; she hadn’t even seen her mega form yet. Aqua continued to look on. She stroked his shoulder as she frowned over him. Whatever the future held for the two of them, she would have to wait and see what it had in store.




Chibi-Akuji: [snickers] Hehe…nope! I’m not telling any more about these characters. ^^ If ya wanna know more about them, you have to read my friend, AquaRivamon’s stories to find out. ^_^ After all, it was her I wrote it for. [to Aqua] I hope you liked it, Aqua! ^_^; [to audience] Be seeing ya! ^_~