Rise of the Guardians: Dream Arc Series

Book I: Jacen

Episode I: Kidnap


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, TOEI, or any of their associated affiliates. I do claim intellectual ownership and copyright to my own invented characters and storylines. Some material in this series is inappropriate for readers under 18 years of age. Access by minors or given to minors is strictly prohibited (so don’t get caught ;-P). This is an adult oriented fan fiction written for entertainment purposes only. I do not obtain any fiscal gain from this or any of my fan fiction works. Any unauthorized distribution of my works without my name and this disclaimer may result in legal actions from either the Digimon Corporation, TOEI, any of their associates and/or affiliates, or myself. You have been warned. Have fun!


       Background: This is my first lemon, but don’t expect amateurish work. The obvious statements and childish phrasing used in parts of the story are used on purpose (and yes I know there are useless plot twists that never go anywhere). I have worked for three years on this story and have given it my absolute best. The idea for this Arc came to me when I was writing one of my original works whose name will not be here disclosed for security reasons. It is written in Omniscient style, depicting the adventures of four new children, the Guardians, and delves into the human psyche as in Neon Genesis Evangelion.



Jacen fell heavily onto his bed, exhausted. He had just come back from his daily run of ten miles. Jacen was a proud person, perhaps to the point of arrogance. He was about six foot two with shoulder length, pitch-black hair, a deep suntan, and piercing emerald eyes. At fifteen years old he was already a master of manipulation and could bend almost anyone to his will. Only he knew of the human side of his personality, and he was not about to share it with anyone. As he lay there sleep overcame him and his room darkened with the onset of night.


       He was awakened in the middle of night by a strange feeling on the back of his neck, like someone was watching him. Jacen slowly opened his eyes and scanned his room. The only thing out of place was the glow coming from his computer screen, which had been off when he fell asleep. To his amazement the screen began to glow brighter. He got up to investigate. As he approached the computer a voice suddenly spoke from the speakers, making him jump.


       “Hello, Jacen. I have been watching you for a long time. Speak, I will hear you.” The voice had a low rumbling quality that was felt more than heard.


       “Wayne, is that you? Stop playing around man, I’m tired.” Jacen spoke cautiously. He knew his friend was good with computers, but he couldn’t have turned on the terminal from across town.


       “No, I am not ‘Wayne’,” the voice said, “but my identity will be revealed in time. I have come to make you an offer.”


       “What kind of offer?” Jacen was becoming intrigued.


       “Do you know what ‘Digimon’ are?”


       “Of course. Those cards are everywhere.”


       “Good. First you may call me…”


       Jacen listened avidly, a manic gleam sparking in his eyes. “Yes,” he said, “Yes, I will help you.”


       Around the globe four others were being contacted in similar manners. All of them said yes.



The crack of thunder made Renamon flinch. She, Rika, and Takato were in a cave waiting out the thunderstorm that had suddenly appeared.


       “I’ve never seen weather change that quickly, even here in the Digital World,” said Rika. The three had been caught and soaked in the sudden downpour while searching for Guilmon, who was still nowhere to be found. Most likely the dull Digimon had gotten lost and fallen asleep.


       “I think it’s a sign,” said Takato, “Maybe we were meant to be together. I’d be happy to help you dry off.” Takato was always trying to get with either Rika or Renamon.


       “Buzz off lover-boy,” said Renamon. She turned her back to him and shook herself dry in a decidedly fox-like motion. “Maybe next time though,” she added slyly.


       “What about you, Rika, need any ‘help’?”


       “Sure, you can build me a fire and keep your eyes off of me.” The truth was, Rika really did want Takato’s “help”, but not with Renamon right there watching. To lighten his mood though she walked over and kissed his cheek saying, “Like Renamon said, maybe next time.”


       Takato beamed at this then started making the fire, whistling.


       He really is a nice guy though, thought Rika, and I haven’t had any for a while, about a week. I’ll make it up to him tonight after Renamon falls asleep.


       Rika looked up and saw Takato staring at her. “What?”

       “Nothing, nothing.” Takato grinned mischievously.

       They dried off; Takato indeed keeping his eyes averted, then ate a quick meal of dried meats and fruits. The warm crackling of the fire combined with the falling rain lulled them into a thoughtful silence.


       Eventually Renamon stood up saying, “It’s getting late. I’m going to bed.” She looked back at Takato, “You coming?”


       “Really?!” Takato couldn’t believe his ears.


       “No,” replied the Digimon. Takato, who was already halfway out of his seat, sat down dejectedly. “Goodnight, Rika,” said Renamon with a chuckle.


       “Goodnight, Renamon,” replied Rika, “sleep well.” She and Takato sat staring at the fire for a few minutes, listening to the storm raging outside.


       Rika was listening to Renamon’s breathing too; but just as she was sure that Renamon was asleep Takato rose to go to bed.


       “Goodnight Rika,” yawned Takato, stretching.


       “Wait Takato!” Rika spoke a little too quickly.


       “What’s wrong?” Takato was surprised by the urgency in her voice.

       “Uhh… oh nothing. I was about to go explore the rest of the cave,” Rika could not believe she was about to say this, “but I’m scared to go alone. Would you please come with me?”


       Takato was sure she was joking. Rika admitting she was scared? It was probably another prank. Well, he’d show her… “Sure, I’ll come with you,” said Takato, helping Rika to her feet.


       They each took a stick from the fire, using them as torches. The cave was fairly large, with stalactites hanging ominously over their heads and water dripping periodically into hidden pools. They had walked about two hundred yards before the cave split into two tunnels. On the right the path seemed to fall away into darkness while the left hand side looked like it continued on a fairly straight course.


       “Let’s go right,” said Takato. He was certain that he could find a way to prank her in the enveloping darkness.


       “Uh, no. I don’t know about you Gogglehead, but I haven’t had much luck with dark unknown tunnels in the Digital World.” Rika thought back briefly to a tentacle encounter a year ago. “We’re going this way.” She started down the left hand tunnel.


       The tunnel ran about fifty meters before turning ninety degrees into a gigantic cavern.


“Wow,” gasped Rika.


The cavern was beautiful. It was filled with crystals of every imaginable color and size. The crystals seemed to be lit from within, giving the air a shimmering, iridescent quality. A small clear brook ran through the center of the cavern making a pleasant bubbling sound. Off to one side of the brook there was a soft mattress-like area of moss bathed in the moonlight filtering down through a hole in the ceiling. The storm had ended.


       “Hey Takato,” said Rika softly, her voice echoing quietly around the space, “Come here.”


       Takato looked over at her. She was standing on the moss looking up at the full moon. The sight of her in the strange light of the crystals banished all thoughts of trickery from his mind. He walked over staring at her in wonder.

       As he approached Rika looked away from the moon, smiling seductively. Soon he was standing next to her, his eyes glazed. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly to break his reverie. Then before he could react she pulled him into a stronger more passionate kiss.


       “Mmmh!” Takato was taken aback by the suddenness of her kiss but that didn’t keep him from enjoying it greatly.


       Rika felt Takato returning the kiss, their tongues circling and exploring the others’ mouth. She kissed him harder when she felt his hands start to massage her ass through the tight material of her pants.


As he kept up the massage Takato sent one hand up her back, marveling at the warmth and softness of her skin as he slid her shirt over her head. Rika returned the favor as they broke their kiss. Takato stared at his fellow Tamer as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Rika gave Takato another kiss as the small light green garment fell away.


       Takato’s hands went instantly to Rika’s small firm breasts as he pulled her down onto the moss bed.


Rika gasped as he gently twisted her hardening nipples. But she didn’t want to play games. Takato grunted in surprise as Rika sat up and turned around on top of him. She quickly removed the rest of his clothing and was surprised at the size of his cock. It was much bigger than Kari’s explanation had led her to believe. This only served to heighten her excitement and she was soon deep throating the hot member. Takato lay back, enjoying the warmth of her mouth.


“A-hem?” Said Rika, circling her crotch over his face. “A little help here?”

Takato got the point and stripped Rika of her pants in the blink of an eye.

“Oh… Yeah…” Rika hadn’t been eaten this good in months. His unexpectedly experienced tongue brought her to a rapid, intense orgasm as it flicked in and around her swollen pussy. Her cries echoed throughout the cave as her juices coated Takato’s face.


Filled with pleasure she redoubled her efforts on Takato’s cock. Takato soon felt the telltale tightness in his balls as Rika put all of her effort into getting him off.


“Ugh!” That was all the warning Takato had time to give her before he came.


Rika was surprised by his sudden release. She swallowed his first three shots then sat up to let the last of his load cover her face. When he had finished she rolled off of his body. She was just about to pull him on top of herself when a chilling laugh echoed around the cavern.


“Mwah hah hah hah hah… Bravo. Bravo, you two.” Jacen stepped out of the only shadows in the cavern. He was dressed in close fitting clothes that resembled the robes of a ninja, except that his were pure white.


“Who are you and why are you so clichéd?!” demanded a very surprised and embarrassed Takato while Rika was hastily getting redressed.


“There will be time for introductions later. For now, though, Takato you will just lay down slowly and put your hands behind your head.” As he spoke another form emerged from the shadows. This one was also pure white but it was covered in scales instead of cloth. The Digimon stood a few inches taller than Jacen with ice blue eyes and a long muzzle. He stood on all fours.


“Drachemon, what do you say these two lovers split paths?” Jacen glanced at Rika when he said this. “You know what we came here for.”


“Indeed,” replied Drachemon, smiling malevolently. “It’s high time these two said goodbye.”


Jacen walked over to Rika who wasn’t sure whether to run or fight.


“Diamond Storm!” Renamon attacked just as Jacen reached out for Rika’s arm. She had been awakened by Rika’s screams and had run through the tunnel just in time to see Takato unload himself onto her tamer’s face.


Jacen, who could hold his own against most Digimon physically, easily evaded the attack by back flipping onto the tip of an amethyst colored crystal.


“What…” Renamon was caught off guard by the agility of the human. Before she could recover Drachemon was upon her, pinning her to the ground.


Smiling, Jacen leapt over the two Digimon drawing a dagger in midair.


He pressed the blade to Renamon’s throat as he landed. “Now, Rika, you will come quietly or your yellow friend here will be killed. That would be an unfortunate waste.” To make his point Jacen slid the dagger slowly to the left, drawing blood.


Rika bit back a gasp at the sight of the red liquid staining her friend’s neck.


“Don’t do it Rika!”


Jacen slammed the pommel of the dagger into the base of Renamon’s skull, knocking her out.


“I wouldn’t take her advice if I were you,” said Drachemon, “Because even if we have to kill Renamon and the boy you will be leaving with us.”


Rika sighed seeing that it was useless to resist. As she stepped forward sadly a familiar voice sounded.


“Takato? You in here?” Guilmon, who had gotten lost in the woods right before the rainstorm, had finally tracked down his trio of friends thanks to Rika’s earlier cries, which had carried out of the hole in the cavern’s roof. Guilmon saw the group and hurried over.


“Takato, are they friends?” asked Guilmon, indicating the two unknown persons. Then he saw Renamon. “Is Renamon hurt?” He walked over to sniff her unconscious body.


“Stop right there, Red,” Jacen increased his pressure on the dagger increasing the flow of blood.


“No, Guilmon. They’re not friends. They hurt Renamon and if you get closer they’ll delete her.”


Guilmon’s eyes opened wide in shock and he all but ran back to Takato.


“Good. Now where were we? Ah yes. Rika, if you please?”


When Rika reached Jacen he surprised them all by sheathing his dagger and taking her hand.


“It is a pleasure,” he said. He bowed and placed a kiss on her quivering hand. “Drache!”


The waiting digi-dragon obligingly opened his wings and knelt for Rika to climb onto his shoulders.


Jacen turned to face Takato and Guilmon. “Farewell, for now. I have a feeling we’ll be meeting again soon.”


Drachemon reared and pushed off the ground with Rika clinging tightly to his amazingly soft, warm hide.


“NO!” Takato screamed as the dragon ascended.


Hearing the yell Guilmon jumped forward, grabbing Drachemon’s hind leg as they vanished like smoke.


Takato stared in horror as his Digimon disappeared before his eyes.

Jacen was still on the ground applying a bandage to Renamon’s wound. “Be sure to give her some water when she wakes up.” Then he, too, vanished.