Alright, this is my first lemon that I've ever made, so it might not be as oh so perfect as other authors here (hopefully I'm putting this in the right spot this time). Still, I think I did okay, but that's up to you. Um, do I need to say anything else? Hmm...oh, I don't own any of the characters besides myself. That credit, goes know who you are. Uh, there's that "if you're under 18 don't read this" warning, but then again, what are you doing here in the first place? This would probably make more sense if you've read my profile about who I(Venin) am.Anyway, here it is.

In the digital world...

On the edge of a forest that bordered a desert, I slept, leaning comfortably against a strong oak tree. I appeared to be in a deep and peaceful sleep body started shivering, not from the breeze, but from the dream.

The dream...the same dream I had every time I fell asleep. But this wasn't just a dream, it was a nightmare. The nightmare where I see my grandfather die before my very eyes, his blood on smeared on my body, the criminals that brutally slaughtered him glaring at me, the mysterious red moon that shone in the overcast sky glowed ominously above me, the anger I felt, the desire to kill, the uncontrolable bloodlust, next thing I knew, the massacre. All but me lay cold as death did its cruel work within the prison walls. I was shaking in anger and fear all at once, and then I heard a dark voice calling to me.


"W-w-what do you want? Who are you?"
The voice paid no attention and continued to beckon to me.


I closed my eyes tight in hopes that the devilish voice would stop. "Stay away from me!" I shouted "Leave me alone! Stop calling my name!" My entire body shook furiously as I struggled to get this voice out of my head.

"Venin!" a familiar voice shouted.
My eyes shot open and I was awake. In front of me was a purple, dog-like Digimon with short arms and two dog-like legs. It carried a small leather bag strapped to it's shoulder. It was Dorumon, my Digimon partner. I was catching my breath as I stared at him blankly. "Venin?" He asked concerned "Are you alright?"

I stood up. "Y-yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? Venin, you're sweating" Dorumon pointed out.

"Huh?" I put my hand to my face and felt a cold moisture touch my hand.
Was I really that afraid? I thought.

"It's that dream again, isn't it?" Dorumon asked suspiciously.

"Dream? Dream?! I wouldn't even begin to classify it as a mere dream! It was a nightmare! A horrible hell of a nightmare! Every time, I see the blood I spilt, the blood of my grandfather on my hands, the anger I felt towards the criminals who took his life! I have to relive that horrible moment of my life!" My voice started to break. "And I don't even know why. Why?! What did I do to deserve such torture?! Why did I gain a power that lusts for blood?Why was it gained on my grandfather's deathbed? Why is it that my anger for one can be so strong, it butchers those it's directed toward?Why did my grandfather have to die to some damned criminal intention? Why? Why?!" I raised my hands to the sky and proclaimed "TELL ME WHY!!" I fell to the ground and wept bitterly. Dorumon slowly walked over to me and pressed his body against mine to comfort me. "But isn't that why you became an assassin, Venin? To help those who could suffer a similar fate?"
I looked up at him, he was very blurry to see due to the tears. Dorumon was so calm and so friendly, what would I do without him? I stood up and wiped the tears from my eyes. "Yeah, you're right. I do this to help others in need. I do this to make my grandfather proud." I looked to the heavens and smiled. The clouds floated along peacefully. I decided to change the subject. "So, what do you have for me?"

Dorumon's eyes blinked in surprise at the sudden change in subject. "Oh yeah, here." His short paw reached into the bag and pulled out a folded piece of paper, which he then proceeded to hand it to me. I unfolded the note and gazed at the letter. The handwriting was a bit sloppy compared to other assignments I had received. Fortunately, I could make out the message: "Please help me." I read "A cult has risen in my village and they are humiliating female Digimon by raping them in public. I can't even begin to guess what the embarressment feels like and I don't want to. Come to my village for more details. Please help not just me, but all who are or are going to be victims to this cult. Please, I'm begging you." I stopped reading. "Huh. Whoever wrote this didn't even bother to sign it."

Dorumon smiled "I know who it is. She gave me the note so I could give it to you. She's a Palmon whose village is about a 5 to 10 minutes walk from here."

I pointed my hand in no particular direction "Lead the way then."
Dorumon began moving towards the desert and I followed him.

The walk took about exactly as Dorumon had estimated. We saw various Digimon talking to each other, some were behind stalls that held a variety of products. "We must be in the marketplace." I told Dorumon.

"Either that, or this a buffet." Dorumon joked.

"Don't be silly." I said "Who ever heard of a buffet outside?"
Dorumon giggled at the reply as did I.

"So, where's the client?" I asked Dorumon.

"Probably in the residential zone, let's go look." Dorumon replied.
The residential zone was full of huts called yurts. Each one looked fairly similar to one another, save for a couple of decorations put up by those living in there. We stopped at an ordinary-looking yurt. "So, are you sure this is where she lives?" I asked Dorumon.

"Pretty sure." he replied confidently "I could smell her."

"You could smell her?" I asked mischievously, a lot of thoughts popped into my head, some more...literal than others. I started to giggle uncontrollably. Dorumon exclaimed "Venin, you know what I meant!"

"Sorry." I stopped laughing, but I was still smiling "I couldn't help myself."
I tapped on the door a couple of times and a small, tender voice answered, "Who is it?"

I looked at Dorumon expecting him to reply, he did. "It's Dorumon. I brought the help I told you about."
I heard footsteps scurry to the door, there was a sound of unlocking and the door creeked open. Sure enough, there was a Palmon staring at me. Her eyes explored my body, but she paused every time she saw a weapon I was carrying.Finally, she spoke up. "He looks tough. Come on in" she open the door wider and gestured us in. I had to duck to enter, for the entrance was a bit shorter than I was. Inside the yurt, I examined the interior. To the left was a stove and a dishwasher, in front of me was a wooden round table with wooden chairs and a white tablecloth. Behind the table was several cupboards. I presumed they held the utensils and food. On the right was a bed with four wooden posts and white sheets and a pillow. Palmon offered us some herbal tea and we accepted her generous offer. I usually drank anything alcoholic, but I took a break from that now and then. She came back from the kitchen side of the yurt with two tea cups, steam rising out of both. We both took a sip and sighed in contentment. "This isn't half bad" I told Palmon.

She smiled, "Why thank you."

"I'm Venin, by the way and you've already met my partner Dorumon, I believe."

She answered "Greetings, you can just call me Palmon."

I set my cup on the table and announced "Okay, let's get down to business. Please explain more about this cult uprising."

Palmon had a serious look on her face "They're an evil bunch who take the pain of others and use it for their own pleasure! I hate them!" she shouted. She was angry with this cult very much. I knew this anger all too well. I asked "Well, what exactly do you want me to do?"

"Kill them! Kill them all! They don't deserve to exist. They should just die!" Now I was surprised. I had no idea a Palmon could be this angry, not from the ones I've talked to. But this Palmon was my client now and I couldn't afford to let her down. "All right" I bellowed "I do it. But it may take a while for me to finish. I mean, one lone assassin against an unknown number of enemies? I could be dealing with an army's worth of enemies!"

Palmon looked at me curiously "But Dorumon said you were an elite assassin."
I looked at Dorumon. He just smiled innocently at me. He did have a tendency to brag, about me or himself. I sighed "So he did."

I knew that in order to make a start, I would have to find a lead, so I asked Palmon, "Did a raping incident occur here? If so, where?"

Palmon replied "In the middle of the village where we light a bonfire at night and socialize, why?"

I grinned "Great, that may be the lead I need." I turned to Dorumon, "Dorumon, use that dog nose of yours and find a scent, then follow it's trail. When you come across something, come back here and let me know."

Dorumon ran towards the door and replied "Got it." He ran out the door towards the scene. The door slowly closed behind him.

I told Palmon "Now we wait."
After a few minutes, I was asleep on the floor besides the bed. Palmon was sitting at the table quiet, gazing at me. The feeling of having help finally arrive after living in fear put a huge sigh of relief in Palmon. She thought to herself "This assassin has already done so much for me, even if it's just lifting a fear from my shoulders. All I had to thank him was tea." She stopped as somthing else crept into her head "Maybe there is another way to express my gratitude." She smiled and jumped off the chair and walked towards me. She grabbed my shoulder and shook, "Venin, Venin, Venin!" she shouted.

"Huh? Wha?" I awoke and saw Palmon. "Oh, hey, is Dorumon back yet?"

"No, not yet." she replied looking at the floor. I looked there too but nothing interesting caught my attention. My attention was caught, however, when Palmon put her leaf-shaped hand on my chest. She said softly "I want to thank for doing this for me." she smiled.

I replied "But I've barely done anything."

She giggled "Then this is for luck." she started rubbing my chest, leaning in closer to my face. My head pulled back to keep distance. She giggled again "Are you shy Venin?"

I had a hard time breathing "S-Shy? From what?"

"From this."
She whispered as she start to French me. My eyes widened in surprise as I broke away. "Oh yeah that" I said still breathing hard. "Yeah, I'll admit, I am shy."

"Awww," she replied in flirtatious sadness "Don't be shy. I'll be gentle." She resumed her Frenching and I did not break away as quickly. Instead I started to rub her back, sliding my hand downwards and back up again, running my hand over her small, green tail. "Ohhh" she groaned "that feels soo nice." Her hand started to move lower, but I stopped it. "Wait" I told her.

She looked at me curiously "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I...just wanted to try something."

She smiled again "Growing brave, are we?"

"I guess." I replied "Don't move."
She complied and I crawled behind her and sat criss-cross facing her back. For a moment, I did nothing, hesistant whether I should or not. I was knowledgable about these kind of things, but I've never actually did it with anyone, be it human or Digimon. I decided to just stay calm and focus, which was going to be slightly impossible because I couldn't stop breathing nervously. "Here goes." I thought. I raised my right hand and took Palmon's tail in it, and started sucking. Palmon let out a gasp and arched her back. Now she was breathing hard. "Hmm...she likes that" I thought, "then let's try this." With my left hand, I took my index and middle fingers and started to stroke the base of her tail. Her breathing pace increased and her back arched a bit more. She exclaimed through her breathing "Venin...I...didn' ...were...this...good."

"Me neither" I muffled, the tail still in my mouth, "I'll say this though, you're pretty tasty." She laughed once and went back to the pleasure. I caught a whiff of something. It smelled like a sort of mint flavor. I darted my eyes around the room,but I couldn't make out the scent. Suddenly, I realized that it was coming from Palmon, but how? I looked in front of her and quickly found the answer. The minty aroma was coming from her now aroused pussy. Hmm..I thought, let's see what happens if I do this. I reached around with my right hand and stuck two fingers in her cunt. "Eep!" she squealed.

"Sorry" I apologized "Did that hurt?"

"No" she whispered "It feels great, keep it up."
I shrugged and went deeper, she moaned, her volume increasing the deeper I went. I kept it up until I could go no further. I started to rub my fingers gently against her vaginal walls.

"Aahh, AAhh!, AAHHH!" she moaned
I was, of course, getting aroused by this, but I kept that fact sealed. I figured I wasn't ready for that yet. I began to pull my fingers in and out of her cunt and started to lick her tail all around, my left hand still caressing the base. I kept all this up for some time that I lost track of and she said "V...Ven...Venin..I...I'm...g...gonna."

I looked at her confused "Gonna what?"

"G...gonna...cum...ahh...AAAAAHHHHH!" She did and I felt a damp something on my fingers in her cunt. I slid them out slowly and saw her love juice on my fingers. It gave off the same minty aroma and I was tempted to lick it. Instead, I flicked it off my fingers, but there was still some left. I stared at it then rolled my eyes and thought "Fine." I gave my fingers one quick lick and swallowed."Hm." I thought "Not bad." I stood up and stared at Palmon, who was trying to catch her breath.
I said nervously "Uh, thanks for the luck."

She turned her head towards me and smiled "Anytime."

Where Dorumon was...

Dorumon's trail led him back into the forest, but deeper. His dog-like ears perked up as he heard a commotion. He quickened his pace and came upon a wide open piece of land in the depths of the forest. Dorumon hid behind a tree and saw a Gazimon, who appeared to be gathering other Digimon for some reason. He instantly knew the reason when he saw 3 Floramon chained to a rectangular platform.
"This has to be the work of that cult" Dorumon thought "I've got to get Venin and fast." With that he scurried back to the village as fast as his dog legs could go...


Done! And has you could tell from the ending, I plan on making a series out of this(then again all yas gots ta dos iz looks). But first things first, what did you think? I'm just a newbie at writing these things(as of now) so how did I do?