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I was leaning against the wall outside the yurt, waiting for Dorumon to return. It had been about an hour since he left and I was starting to wonder. Those wonders suddenly dissipated from my mind as I saw Dorumon running towards me, screeching to a halt in front of me.

"Venin," he said panting "I found *pant pant* something *pant* in the forest *pant* I think it might *pant pant* be the cult *pant* Whew!"

I raised an eyebrow at him "You look awfully tired."
Dorumon just gave me the "No, really?" look and then said "Come on! We gotta hurry!"
I got up and stretched letting out a long yawn. I cracked both my knuckles and looked to Dorumon. "Lead the way."

Dorumon started walking and I followed. But I stopped suddenly when I heard my name.

"Venin! Venin!"
I turned to see Palmon running towards me, carrying a bag.
"For you." she said holding the bag out to me. I took the bag and looked inside; food, herbs, something that looked like a first-aid kit, and other necessities.
"Thanks." I told her "Guess I kinda forgot about basic survival."

Dorumon spoke up "You always forget about basic survival, that's why I have to search for the necessary items."

"And you do a good job doing it." I told him,giving him a quick pet on the head,in a sort of voice that said "You didn't need to bring that up." "Anyway, let's go!" With that, we both walked towards the forest, Palmon was waving good-bye behind us.

"Are we there yet?" I asked.

"Not yet." Dorumon answered. We had been walking for quite some time, I was starting to worry that we might lose our lead.

"Are we there yet?" I asked again.

"Not yet." Dorumon answered again.

"...Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" I asked repeatedly.

"Not yet. Not yet! Not yet!! VENIN!" I jumped at the scream, Dorumon was getting pissed.

"Sorry," I apologized smiling, "I'm just tired of walking."

"Then you can stop, 'cause we're here" Dorumon said smiling.

"Thank God!" I gasped and hid behind a tree to get a hidden view. I saw a Gazimon talking to a large group of Digimon. It appeared that he had 3 Floramon chained to a large, rectangular platform. The chains were somewhat big and the Floramon could move about the platform. I attempted to listen in on what the Gazimon was saying and I heard:

"Fellow Digimon of any kind. Right here I have 3 innoncent-looking Floramon on this stage. Why are they chained, you asked? Because I am about to show you the meaning of rape. The Floramon have agreed(somewhat) to comply with me, but if they decide to be naughty" He smirked. "I have my nifty sack of "toys" for them to play with." He giggled evilly and shook the bag, a sound of clanging could be heard. "Now then, let's get started." He jumped onto the platform and beckoned the Floramon to come closer to him. He pointed once to each Floramon and gave orders to all of them, "You, kiss me. You, lick me," he pointed at his crotch when he said that, "...and you...hmm...oh, finger yourself." All 3 Floramon did nothing at first, but then the Gazimon growled and they all did their assigned duties. The Gazimon started Frenching the first Floramon, the second was licking his dick pouch and the third was masturbating. I stared in disgust "This is just wrong." I said, noticing that the auidience of Digimon didn't seem to mind. I was shocked "How could they just stand and stare like that?! I would've assumed somebody would done somthing by now."

Dorumon muttered "Well, maybe they're enjoying it."
I dropped my head and arms in an "Aw crap" fashion and resumed watching. "I feel sorry for those Floramon though." I told Dorumon.

"So do I Venin. But what can we do?"

"I don't know. We can't kill him because we need another link. We can't help the Floramon because we would have to protect them from not only the Gazimon, but any angry, mob-like Digimon in the respective auidience. The only thing we can do is hope that the auidience and the Gazimon will get bored sooner or later."

The Gazimon was really enjoying himself. He had already gotten his erection and the Floramon by his crotch was had his dick in her mouth. The masturbating Floramon was coming close to orgasm. After a few minutes, the Gazimon and the masturating Floramon both came. A white liquid was all over the second Floramon's face and the masturbated Floramon's pussy lips were wet and swollen.

"Somebody gouge my eyes out," I complained, pressing two fingers to my closed eyelids. "Because I can't keep watching this." But I knew I had to, if I was to find an opportunity.

The Gazimon now ordered two Floramon to 69 each and he told the third to get on all fours. All three complied reluctantly. The Gazimon shoved his petruding cock into the Floramon's tailhole.

"AHH!" She gasped, "That's huge!"

"Why thank you." The Gazimon said with a wicked smile. "I try to get as big as possible for more pleasure."

"But ahh i'm ahh in ahh pain ahh!" The Floramon said betwenn shoves.

"I meant for me, you whore!" The Gazimon shouted "Now shut the hell up and enjoy this." The Floramon started whimpering as she tried not to feel the pain. But the Gazimon's assault could not be ignored. She felt the pain and she couldn't do anything about it. The 69ing Floramon continued to lick one another, groaning in pleasure. They were glad that they weren't as unlucky as their friend, but they felt guilty to have her go through this. Later, the Gazimon and the two 69ers let out a scream and reached their orgasm. Gazimon pulled his dick out of the Floramon's as. The same white liquid dripped from his dick and the Floramon's tailhole. The other two Floramon were drenched in a sticky love juice. The Gazimon stood up and saw two of the Floramon whispering to each other.

The Gazimon grew suspicious, "What are you whispering about?"

The Floramon walked over to him and replied sweetly "Oh nothing just this." All three Floramon raised their petal hands and shouted "Rain of Pollen!" The Gazimon was thrown back to the other side of the platform and quickly recovered.

He glared at them "You good-for-nothing bitches!" He screamed "Electric Stun Blast!" The electricity hit all three Floramon in the legs and they fell on their knees, crying in agony. The Gazimon sighed and shook his head "I have to punish you now, and I'll tell ya; you're gonna hate me so much after this." The Gazimon walked to his sack and pulled out a hammer and three carpenter's nails.

I was curious as what he was about to do "Carpenter's nails and a hammer? I got a bad feeling about this."

The Gazimon stood behind the Floramon, holding the nails in one hand, the hammer in the other. The Floramon had terror in their bulging eyes and turned away. They tried to stand, but the electric blast had paralyzed their legs. They couldn't move.

"Puh-please." they whimpered, "We're sorry. We'll be good from now on."

The Gazimon positioned the nail's tip at one Floramon's tail tip. "I know you will," he replied "I'm sure you'll behave after this." With that, he struck the nail head with the hammer and nail dug into the Floramon's tail.

"AHHHH!" she cried, feeling a great sense of pain. The Gazimon did not stop until the nail was driven into the platform, holding the Floramon there painfully by her tail. She was sobbing bitterly at the enormous pain she felt.

The Gazimon walked over to the second one and said "Your turn."

"N-no please." She begged "Don't do this please I'll...AHHHH!" She was stopped by her scream as the Gazimon slammed the hammer down on the nail, digging easily through her plant tail.

The Gazimon did the same thing to the last one, however he had to hold her tail down with his foot to keep her from struggling. Soon, all three Floramon were nailed to the platform by their tails, blood dripping from them. They were bawling their eyes out from the immense pain. The Gazimon hopped off the platform and told the auidience. "Get out of my sight! I'm done here for now!"
The Digimon dispersed and pretty quickly, only the Gazimon and the crying Floramon were left.

The Gazimon turned to the Floramon "I'll be back" he told them "So don't go anywhere." he smirked.

The Floramon said through her tears "Y-you bastard!"

The Gazimon grinned "Yes, I am."he walked away.

"Perfect!" I thought "I couldn't bear to watch that horror show anymore."

I turned to Dorumon "I'm gonna go have a little "chat" with that Gazimon, you free the Floramon."

"Could I have some strong teeth?" he asked smiling, showing his teeth.

I rolled my eyes "Fine, one moment." I reached into my pocket and held out a dark purple D3 digivice. I pointed it at Dorumon and his body glowed white.

"Dorumon digivolve to...DORUGAMON!" In Dorumon's place stood Dorugamon, his Champion level form.

"There," I said "you have your teeth, now go."

"Got it." Dorugamon obeyed.
I chased after the Gazimon with the cover of the trees. I caught up to him quickly, still under cover and began walking slowly at his pace. I picked up a small pebble on the ground, took careful aim, and threw. The pebble hit the Gazimon on the nose.

"Ow! What the hell?!" he yelled, holding his nose. He turned toward my direction and began moving. I moved accordingly to keep myself from his sight. The Gazimon looked behind the tree I was once behind and saw nothing.

"Huh." The Gazimon said confused. He turned, only to see me towering over him. In a lightning-fast motion, I grabbed his throat, slammed him against a tree, unsheathed the claws on my free hand and brought them up to his face.

I gave him a friendly smile "Hi."

"W-what the--" the Gazimon choked, "Who the hell are you?!"

"Oh, I'm just the guy who could kill you at any moment, but first, you are going to answer a few questions of mine."

"Q-questions? What questions?" he asked.

"Mm-mmm" I said shaking my head "I ask, you answer, or you die. Is that clear?"

"Y-yes." he said. Wow, I thought, for a cruel rapist, this guy is a wimp.

"Now then," I began "Tell me what you and your little cult friends are up to."

"C-cult friends, I don't know what you're talking about."
My smile faded and I slammed him against the tree again, "Don't play dumb with me. What other rapist would display his sick work for all to see? Now tell me, or else!" My claws cam closer to his face, slowly digging into his right cheek. The Gazimon could taste his bittersweet blood in his mouth.

"A-alright," he winced "I-I'll tell you." I pulled my claws out of his cheek, but still kept them dangerously close. "Start." I commanded.

"Well, I'm just a rookie, so I don't much. I mean I don't even have the armband, see?" he held up his right arm.

"Armband?" I asked "What armband?"

"All members of the BTR are required to have an armband to be a full-fledged member. It's a blue armband with the red kanji symbol for "torture" on it.
(Author's Note: The kanji for torture is
"BTR?" I asked "That's the name?"

"Yeah" he replied "It stands for Bind-Torture-Rape, we are quite good at that."

I gave him an angry look and he quickly said "B-but like I said, I'm just a rookie, I just found the recruiter and decided to join."

"Recruiter?" I asked, now this may be a possible link, "Where is this recruiter?"

"He's in front of an ominous-looking castle deeper in this forest. It's in that direction." he pointed in the direction of the Floramon. "That's all I know, I swear!"

"Yeah?" I asked, "well, I wonder what I should do with you now. My orders were to kill all cult members, so maybe--"

"Puh-please, don't kill me! I don't wanna die!" he begged. He started to sound like the Floramon now.

"Well," I told him, "Since you're not technically a member, I suppose I could let you go on one condition. You quit, and stop raping others?"

"I will!" he cried "I'll stop! I promise!"

"Alright then" I released him and retracted my claws. He was on the ground coughing and later stopped and stood up.

"See ya!" I said, turning away.

"Yeah." The Gazimon almost whispered, he smirked "See ya! Electric Stun Blast!"

"Huh?" I turned around, only to be shot in the chest with electricity "Gyahh! Ahh!" I screamed. I fell to my knees, clutching my chest. It felt as if it were on fire. There was a burning pain in my upper body. I looked at the Gazimon angrily. " I gave you another chance and what do you do?! You blast me! You basically just said 'Fuck off' to me!"

"Yeah, well, you know us guys," the Gazimon said shrugging "We gotta have our pleasure."
I stood up, and began making strange handsigns. I growled through my teeth, "I am nothing like you!" I pointed my palm towards the Gazimon, who looked confused. "What are you doing?" he asked.

I gave a wicked smile "This! HELL BLITZ!!" Suddenly, red and black lightning bolts shot out of my palm and struck the Gazimon hard.

"NNYYYAAAHHH!!" he screamed in agony. I didn't stop the assault until the Gazimon's body dissolved into nothingness. The bolts faded and my hand dropped like a rock to my side. I was panting hard.

"Note to self:" I stated aloud, "Killing is one thing, but prolonging an uneccessary attack like that *pant pant pant* a big waste of mana. Phew!" I turned back in the direction of Dorugamon and the Floramon.

I saw the Floramon. Their chains had been gnawed off and Dorugamon, now Dorumon, turned towards me and stuttered, "I-I got the nails out a little, but I was afraid of doing any more damage. I-I'm sorry, Venin I--"

I stopped him, "It's already. It was probably smart to wait for me." I told him smiling. I stepped onto the platform and took a look at the nails. All of them were loose enough to pull out by hand and it seems Dorumon had torn the sack the Gazimon had and placed it around the wound to cease the bleeding. I went to the first Floramon and slowly held the nail's head with my fingers. With my free hand, I had my palm face down towards the wound and focused. I began slowly pulling the nail out and at the same time, used my Heal ability. Eventually, the nail was out and the wound had healed.

Dorumon looked at me curiously "What exactly did you just do?"

I replied "I had to pull the nail out whilst healing the wound. 1) To not cause permanant damage and 2) to stop any more blood loss. It's tricky. Precise healing takes more mana and more concentration." I was already exhausted from my Hell Blitz attack and this was not helping. The second Floramon was basically the same thing as the first, but I had even lesser mana and energy when I was done. The third Floramon, however, screamed when I pulled on the nail. It caught me off-guard and the nail tilted sideways.

"Ouch!" The Floramon cried and began to sob.

"Hey," I told her with sympathy, "please don't cry, I hate when girls cry, makes me feel guilty."
The Floramon, still tears in her eyes, put her arms around me as I continued my work. She must have been in great pain, because her grip was tight and I felt like my ribcage was breaking. Finally it was over, the nail slipped out and the wound was mostly healed. I collapsed to the platform extremely exhausted. "Dorumon...what's in the...bag that...Palmon gave to us...foodwise?"

Dorumon looked inside and then yelled "Catch!" I caught a piece of bread and ate it quickly. I felt some energy rejuvenate inside of me, but before I could get up, the Floramon were on top of me, thanking me graciously.

"Y-you're welcome" I said choking "But could you please not deprive me of breath?" The Floramon scurried off and I got up gasping. Who knew Floramon could be so strong in numbers when they're happy.

"Thank you for saving us!" One Floramon said, "That Gazimon kidnapped us from our village and brought us here so he could rape us." she said lowly, "By the way, where is that Gazimon?"

"Dead." I told them plain and sharply "I killed him." I was toppled over by their "gratitude" again. "D-Didn't we talk about this?" I said choking yet again. Again, they got off me quickly and apologized. I got up and swiped the dirt off my clothes.

"You must come to our village!" another Floramon offered "we have great ways of thanking others."

"Thanks, but no thanks I'm kinda on a mission right now." I wanted to get to that recruiter before he left.

"A mission? What?" I explained it to them and they replied "Oh, well good luck with that."

"Thanks." I walked away with Dorumon towards the direction the Gazimon pointed in and explained everything that happened.

"A recruiter, huh?" Dorumon asked "Well, what are you gonna do when you find him?"

"Don't know." I answered. "But something will come up. I'm sure if it." I assured smiling when I spoke it.


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