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Heated Love

Gatomon was sitting on Kari’s bed, her tail slowly wagging back and forth as she watched the Digidestined of Light get dressed in a cute set of brightly colored clothes. She was 17 now and currently dating TK, whom she had a crush on for almost 10 years. After she finished putting on her clothes, she twirled around for her partner.

            “Ta-da! What do you think?” she asked. Gatomon smiled and purred.

            “Very nice.” The white cat answered. “TK will love it.”

            “Are you sure you’re going to be alright? With Tai and mom at his soccer game, you and Miko are going to have the house to yourself.”

            “It’s just one night, Kari. I think I can weather the night.” She stuck her tongue out at Kari, who pinched it between her thumb and index finger.

            “Ha ha ha… just try to behave while I’m gone, as difficult as it may be for you.” She said, pushing on Gatomon’s forehead. A knock at the front door signaled her leave.

            “Wish me luck.” Kari said, kissing Gatomon on the forehead before leaving. The cat Digimon locked the door behind her, then went back to their room. She sat on the bottom bunk of Kari’s bed and turned on the TV.

            Gatomon was very envious of Kari right now. The Digidestined of Light was in a great relationship with TK, and even though they’ve been in love since they were 8, somehow the two were able to keep their intimate relationship strong. It got Gatomon thinking about her own love life. The last lover she had was Wizardmon, who was killed by Myotismon around the same time she met Kari. Most of the Digimon she knew belonged to the other Digidestined, but most of them were not her type.

            “Nnghh…” she growled frustratedly. “If I don’t find a mate… I’m gonna die an old womon.” It’s worth noting that because of the nature of Digimon, they didn’t age. It was also that time of the year for Gatomon, when she would be more amorous than normal, and logical and rational thinking was all but thrown out the window.

            As she watched TV, her paws slowly began to travel down to between her legs, her claws spreading apart her pussy lips. She slowly dipped her claws into her pussy, moaning heavily. As much as she didn’t want to, Gatomon’s hormones were in full force since she was in heat. A mewl from the corner of the room attracted her attention. Miko was in the corner, cleaning himself.

            “Why do you have to do it here?” she growled, finding herself turned on by it. “I wonder if the other boys are able to do that…” Love juices leaked from her pussy, wetting her claws and making the thrusts smoother. She pumped her tight lips faster and faster, imagining that she was being fucked by some hot Digimon with a large thick cock. The mere thought of it brought her over the edge, a meow escaping from her lips as she came. She panted coming down from her orgasm. Her claws were now slick with her thick juices. Still horny as ever, she brought her wet claw up to her mouth and licked off the juices, surprised at how it tasted so much like cream. After licking her claws clean, she went back to fingering herself to sate her sexual hunger.

* * *

Several hours later that night, TK and Kari had finished their date and headed to his house, since it was closer. When they arrived, Nancy had already gone to bed, and Patamon was nowhere to be found, but TK’s bedroom window was open.

            “Where do you think Patamon went?” TK asked.

            “I dunno… maybe he went to my house to keep Gatomon company?” she suggested, putting her purse down at the foot of his bed.

            “Maybe, but enough about him.” He pulled her in for a deep French kiss, slowly sliding her dress down her body.

* * *

            In those several hours, Gatomon was able to masturbate into a sex coma. She lay knelt over on Kari’s bed, a large wet spot on the bed where her pussy juices soaked into the sheets. Her stunned state prevented her from seeing Patamon fly into the room through the open window.

            “Hey, Gatomon!” he called out, not seeing her on the bed. “Are you here?”

            Gatomon wasn’t in a condition to say anything coherent. All she did was let out a long low meow. Patamon looked up at the bed and climbed up.

            “Gatomon, are you o-WAH!” he nearly fell off the bed at the sight of Gatomon, slumped forward facing him, her butt in the air. The bedsheets were a wet mess, and smelled strongly of sex.

            “Ga-Gatomon!” he exclaimed. “What the Hell?!”

            Gatomon looked up at him with lustful eyes, and suddenly lunged at him, tackling him to the ground off the bed. She purred loudly as she looked down upon him. Her paw moved down to his crotch, where she rubbed the pouch containing his dick.

            “Gatomon, what are you doing?!” Patamon asked, blushing heavily. She didn’t answer, but continued to rub his pouch until his dick emerged. She took his whole cock into his mouth.

            “Mngh! AH!” Patamon gasped, feeling the hot wet interior of her mouth. He attempted to pull away, but froze instantly when he felt the tips of Gatomon’s razor sharp teeth come into contact with his cock.

            “Move and it comes off.” She growled threateningly. Patamon, scared by her very unusual behavior, remained in his position as she sucked him off. This wasn’t exactly what he had in mind when he came over.

            “Mnnn…” Gatomon moaned as she sucked him off. Slowly, her mouth closed around his shaft, and she bobbed her head up and down, deepthroating him. “Mulm! Mulm! Mulm!”

            Patamon panted heavily, feeling his cock slowly erecting to its full length and hardness. Gatomon pulled out and grabbed him by the hand. She led him to Kari’s bed before she climbed on top of him, rubbing her wet pussy against the head of his cock. Patamon looked up at her with wide eyes, aware more than ever now that they were about to have sex; it was like the Grail!

            Gatomon slowly slid onto his shaft and thrust downwards. She let out a loud meow in pleasure, her velvet walls closing tightly around his cock.

            “Mmnn! Patamon…” she moaned. “Fuck me hard!”

            Patamon wasted no time to thrust upwards into her wet cunt. Gatomon panted hard and sat up on his lap. As he fucked her tight hole, the white cat Digimon felt herself up, tickling her tiny nipples with her claws. Patamon’s hands grasped her hips and pulled her down every time he thrust up.

            “AH! AH! AH! AH!” Gatomon panted with each buck. Her hot pussy squeezed his cock tighter as she came for the 8th time tonight. Patamon was nowhere near his own orgasm, and continued to pound hard into her. His arms slowly grew tired from lifting Gatomon up and down, and he flipped her around so that she was on her back before taking her doggy style.

            “Ngh huh huh huh!” Patamon’s balls swung back and forth like a pendulum, striking against her pussy lips repeatedly. Gatomon lay on her stomach, gripping the bedsheets tightly. Her form rocked back and forth on the mattress with each thrust. Patamon couldn’t hold his load anymore and released all of it into Gatomon’s womb. He collapsed on top of her from the sudden loss of energy. She flipped around and pushed him on his back.

            “Oh no you don’t!” she growled, stroking his dick. “You’re not stopping now!” Her paw moved up and down his shaft. Patamon’s dick went limp for a few seconds before erecting again. He winced as she got a little forceful with her hand job. Gatomon was more aroused than ever, evidenced by the fact that as soon as his dick was fully erect, she jumped up and landed right on his dick, which slid into her pussy with ease.

            “OW! That actually hurt!” Patamon yelped.

            “Suck it up!” she growled, bouncing up and down on his cock. “Mmnn… yes… oh yes!”

            Patamon gasped and moaned, feeling the pleasure build up in him again. He slowly humped back up at her, but quickly grew tired. Slightly frustrated, Gatomon pulled off of his dick and turned around so that her crotch was pressed against Patamon’s face.

            “Lick my little pussy!” she ordered him as she took his dick into her mouth. The guinea pig spread apart her pussy lips with his paws and licked into her cunt. He could taste his own bitter sperm in her honey pot.

            “Yes! Drink your tasty sperm, Patamon!” Gatomon moaned. She could taste her own creamy juices on his cock along with his own sperm, which tasted a little sour, much like a bitter orange. She traced one claw up the bottom part of his shaft, sending shivers up his spine.

* * *

Meanwhile, at TK’s house, a similar event was going on. TK lay on top of Kari in the 69 position. He licked her quivering pussy as she sucked him off. The brunette girl’s hands gently squeezed his balls, rolling them around and tickling them. TK gasped and released his 4th load of sperm tonight.

            “Mmm… yummy!” Kari moaned, drinking in his sperm. TK rolled off of her, and she mounted him, straddling his lap.

            “I’m ready for another round!” she exclaimed, bouncing a little on his lap. TK’s still hard cock slapped between his stomach and her pussy.

            “Ok ok!” TK yelped. “Just please not so hard! It’s starting to hurt!”

            The young girl sat up and stroked his cock before guiding it to her tight slit.

            “It’s amazing that you’re still hard after all our fucking.” She commented as he slid into her. She slowly bounced up and down on his lap, moaning and gasping as his cock pierced her sensitive cunt. Their bodies were dripping with sweat from the constant intense fucking.

* * *

“Aww! Come on!” Gatomon growled, frustrated. She dismounted Patamon as his dick went limp in her cunt, and she stroked it vigorously.

            “No! Patamon, how could you be tired already?!” she asked. “We haven’t even been at it that long!”

            “Gatomon, I have nothing left!” Patamon panted. “Please… let me take a break!”

            “Nnngh! Fine!” Gatomon sat back and slowly fingered her pussy. Before she reached her orgasm, she suddenly had an idea.

            “Don’t go anywhere.” She ordered. “I’ll be right back.” Gatomon hopped off the bed and went to the bathroom. She opened up the medicine cabinet and pulled out a small box. Opening it up, she took out one of the blue pulls inside.

            “Ok, Patamon.” She said, coming back to the bedroom. “Swallow this, and we can get back to fucking.”

            Patamon looked wearily at the little blue pill, but reluctantly took it, knowing Gatomon’s wrath was an undesirable alternative. Within a few minutes, his dick was erect again and throbbing painfully. It was exposed to air for only a few seconds longer before being embedded deep within Gatomon’s pussy. Under normal circumstances, Patamon would have been in pain, but with the combination of the Viagra and the now overwhelming stimulation caused him to be further lost in the pleasure.

            “Mnngh! I’m gonna fuck you hard, Gatomon!” he growled, twisting her around on his lap until she was in a reverse cowgirl position. He hammered his cock into her pussy, which in this position caused the shaft to strike directly on the cat’s G-spot. She let out a loud cry of pleasure and began shaking. She was rendered immobile from the pleasure, which Patamon took advantage of. He pressed her down against the bed and thrust harder and faster into her, not giving her a chance to recover from the pleasure.

            “P-Patamon!” she screamed. “Please slow down! It’s too much!”

            “No way in Hell!” Patamon growled, slapping her on the ass. By the time Gatomon came, she had not one, but two orgasms. Patamon wasn’t far behind her, shivering as he came. His balls tightened from the release. Even after he came, Patamon was still hard as a rock and horny as all Hell, and he didn’t even stop to take a breather. His heart pounded in his chest as he spread her legs far apart and continued to fuck her. Gatomon’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and she lay there in Patamon’s paws, unable to move from the sex coma she was in.

            The orange pot roast fucked her, driven by his hormones. Finally, he hit his last orgasm of the night and spurt what last sperm he had left in him before collapsing next to the passed out cat. He panted heavily from exhaustion, his heart pounding so hard he could swear he could hear it. Soon his breathing slowed down to normal and he fell asleep.

* * *

            The morning light bled into Kari’s room and shone on the two sleeping Digimon. Patamon slowly woke up as the light crept over him. He stared up at the ceiling, trying his best to recall what had happened the previous night. Slowly, it all came back to him, and he quickly sat up, his body aching all over. Gatomon was sitting up as well, looking over at him. They stared into each other’s eyes for a minute before Patamon pounced her, his dick still throbbing hard. Gatomon yelped and automatically spread her legs apart for him. Patamon guided his cock to her entrance and pushed right in. Gatomon gasped and held Patamon close as he thrust deep into her pussy. The hamster lay on his back so that their crotches were the only thing touching. The two moved back and forth on the bed. Patamon’s balls were right between their two bodies, so every time they thrust forward, they collided against his balls. It stung as one might expect, but Patamon was so lost in arousal, the pain was not enough to stop him. Their moans soon filled the quiet room with their passionate mating cries. After several minutes, Patamon came deep into her tight cunt, and she let out a growl as her pussy constricted around his dick.

            “Heh… that was a little random.” Gatomon giggled as Patamon pulled out of her.

            “I know it’s a little rude to run on you,” Patamon said. “But I need to get back home. I bet TK is worried about me.”

            “It’s cool. I shouldn’t have pounced your bones like that last night.” Gatomon answered. “Well, say hi to TK for me and please don’t be a stranger!”

* * *

Meanwhile, back at TK’s house, the two young lovebirds were cleaning off after their night long sex fest. TK saw her off at the door, giving her a deep kiss on the lips before she left. He headed back to his room just in time to see Patamon fly in through the window.

            “Hey there, Patamon.” He greeted. “Where have you been all night?”

            “Lemme first take a shower.” Patamon said, flying past him and into the bathroom. As he flew by, TK could make out the distinct scent of sexual hormones. After half an hour, Patamon came out of the shower clean as a whistle. TK was sitting on his bed with a grin, folding his arms.

            “What is it?” Patamon asked, drying himself off with a towel.

            “I know what you did.” TK smirked. “And I’m gonna need details.”

* * *

Kari, by that time, had gotten home and entered her room to find Gatomon drying herself off from her shower.

            “Morning, Gatomon.” Kari said. “What’s up?”


Patamon: Well, as you probably guessed, I went over to Kari’s house to hang out with Gatomon…

            Gatomon: Patamon came over some time after you left last night…

            Patamon: But she was already busy pushing her claws as deep into her as possible, and when she saw me… you know…

            Gatomon: I jumped his bones and rocked his world!

            TK: Dude, that’s awesome!

            Kari: Oh god! And you did it on my bed?! Why couldn’t you do it on Tai’s or something?!

            TK & Kari: So how was it?

            Patamon: It was complete euphoria! I bet she now sees me as a stallion.

            Gatomon: … eh, he was alright. I just hope he’s gentlemanly enough to keep it to himself.

            Patamon: We went at it like bunnies over and over and over and over and over and over!

            Kari: Look, I know TK, and I know that if Patamon shares this with him, he’ll encourage him to keep it between them.

            TK: You know, this is like the best story to write to Penthouse!

            Gatomon & Patamon: Oh god… I just realized the kicker to all this.

            Patamon: I get to rub this in Veemon’s face!

            Gatomon: I might be pregnant!


* * *

“What?! How can you be pregnant?” Kari exclaimed, pacing back and forth around her bedroom. “You told me that Gatomons can’t get pregnant until they’re in heat… unless…” she quickly turned back to Gatomon. “You didn’t go into heat yet, have you?!”

            “Actually… Kari, I think I went into heat yesterday!” both girls were now very tense as they thought about the brood possibly developing in Gatomon’s womb right now.

            “What should we do?” Gatomon asked, feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

            “Go to Patamon.” Kari answered. “If you’re pregnant, he should know about it. I’m going to run to the drug store and get a pregnancy test.”

* * *

Meanwhile, TK, Daisuke, Veemon and Patamon were at the park. Patamon was in the middle of taunting Veemon for being able to have sex with her first.

            “I got to tap her~ I got to tap her~” he sang, flying in circles around her.

            “Watch it! I can easily Digivolve into Flamedramon and roast you!” the blue dinosaur threatened.

            “Yeah, right! That form is only useful for one thing, and it’s not fighting or tapping girls!” Patamon broke out into laughter. Veemon’s face burned red with anger. Before he could make a swing at Patamon, however, he noticed Gatomon walking up to them.

            “Hey, Patamon, can I talk to you, please?” she asked in a very calm tone. “…alone?”

            Patamon nodded and flew off with her, but not before Veemon growled “This isn’t over between us.”

            Patamon ignored him and followed Gatomon to a secluded part of the park, behind a group of bushes.

            “So what’s up?” he asked.

            “Well, first off, you know that what happened last night wasn’t because of love, right?”

            Patamon raised an eyebrow.

            “Huh? Then what was all that about last night?”

            Gatomon took a deep breath before explaining to him.

            “Well, last night, I went into heat…” she explained. “and then you came over… and… I couldn’t help myself.”

            Patamon listened intently, slowly becoming tense. “Yeah…?”

            “Well… Patamon… I think I’m pregnant!”

            The orange pot roast froze and stared blankly at Gatomon.

            “…Who’s Patamon?”

            “Patamon!” Gatomon scoffed, shaking him around.

            “Waaaah! Ok ok!” he cried out. “I’m sorry… God, I don’t believe this! What are we supposed to do?!”

            “Hold on, Patamon! We don’t know for sure yet if I’m pregnant or not!”

            “Then why tell me this?!”

            “Because if it’s your child, it’s your responsibility, too!”

            Patamon nodded and held his head in his paws.

            “I know… it’s just… I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. So many thoughts are racing through my mind right now.”

            Patamon suddenly took off into the air.

            “I’m sorry! I need to think about this!” he said, flying away.

            “Wait, Patamon!” she called out after him, but he didn’t even look back at her. “Dammit… Patamon…”

* * *

“…and he just took off.” Gatomon concluded to Kari.

            “Uncool!” the human girl exclaimed. “Why the Hell would he just run off like that?!”

            “I don’t know! Do you really think I should have told him I might be pregnant?”

            “Of course, Gatomon!” Kari said, sitting down next to the Digimon. “It’s as much his responsibility as it is yours. Besides, it’s not like he can hide forever. TK and I would both kick his ass.”

            “Kari, I know he’s not like that!” Gatomon interrupted. “At least… I hope he’s not. Now isn’t it time we checked the pregnancy test?”

* * *

“I don’t know what to say to her or even do, TK.” Patamon said, flying around in circles restlessly in their room. “What if she IS pregnant? Where would we raise the child? Just so many questions are swarming through my head; I didn’t know what to say to her.”

            “Yeah, and clearly running off like a flake was the best option.” TK said sarcastically. Patamon landed at his side, glaring.

            “TK, I am not in the mood for this!” he shouted.

            “Well, think about this, Patamon. Why did you want to have sex with her in the first place?”

            “Well… because she’s hot! You know that, especially when she’s Angewomon.”

            “Yeah? And aside from that?”

            Patamon thought about this for a minute to truly dig into his feelings.

            “Well… I also admire how mature she is, and I like to be with her… "I really can't explain it but when I'm with her I feel different, I thought she wouldn't want me near to her because I'm a small, not too strong, naive and well... innocent digimon, I even thought she would consider me inmature, but yet she and I always have a good communication, we seem to be easy to talk to each other about anything, I.... I'm wrong, the sex wasn't because she is hot, well maybe in part it is but is minimal, I'm realizing now that I have been in love with her but only till this happened I could understand it better.”

TK smiled at Patamon.

“That was… that was beautiful.” He said. “So what will you do now?” The answer was obvious to Patamon now.

“I need to go to her.” Patamon answered, flying out the window.


* * *

Patamon flew to Kari’s house and landed on the ledge just outside their window. Kari opened the window for him and briefly said, “I’ll let you two talk.” before stepping out of the room. However, after she closed the door, the two could hear her sit down and lean up against the door.

            Patamon and Gatomon stared at each other for a minute. One of them had to say something eventually.

            “Gatomon, I- OUGH!” Right as he began to speak, Gatomon punched him across the face, knocking him back on his ass.

            “Ok, I deserved that.” He said, stumbling to his feet. “Look, Gatomon, I’m sorry I ran off on your earlier. I guess I was scared.”

            “It’s alright.” She answered. “I should have expected that kind of response from you.”

            “Gatomon, I thought about this real hard, and I found out that…” Patamon took a deep breath as if to perform a Boom Bubble. “Gatomon, I love you!”

            Gatomon looked at him with a shocked expression.

            “R-really?” she asked in a strained voice.

            “I mean it. I’ve had these feelings for you for a long time. I felt this strong connection with you, but I’ve always felt that you haven’t liked me because I’m weak and insignificant compared to you.”

            Patamon held her claws in his hands. Gatomon didn’t resist at all, but now watched on as he spilled his emotions out for her.

            “I just want you to know that, no matter what, I’ll always love you, and… I’d want to be part of the kid’s life, too.”

            Gatomon continued to stare into his eyes even after he finished. Slowly, she leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

            “Patamon… I love you, too.” She said as they broke the kiss. “And I’m glad that, if any mon was the father, that it would be you.”

            The two Digimon hugged each other tightly. Patamon could feel Gatomon purring in his arms as she nuzzled her head against his.

            “Well… Patamon, it’s time for me to share something…” she said, pulling away. “The test was negative.”

            Patamon blinked confusingly and cocked his head to the side.


            “The pregnancy test!” she exclaimed. “It was negative! I’m not pregnant!”

            “Oooohhh…” Patamon nodded his head and paused for a moment. “Well… that still doesn’t change the way I feel about you, Gatomon. And, who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll be ready.”

            Gatomon smiled and kissed him.

            “Yeah… maybe.”

I hope you enjoyed this more romantic Lemon staring the famous and underrated Patamon. Any comments, requests, etc, contact me at Evangeline_999@yahoo.com.