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It was a cool and calm day in the digital world. Everything had been so peaceful lately; no evil forces to deal with at all. Veemon was sitting under the shade of a tree when an idea crossed his mind.

“It’s too boring around here these days,” he thought. “All I’ve been doing is relaxing all the time. Sure I’ve been hanging around with some friends occasionally, but it’s not the same. I wish that something exciting would happen.”

Before Veemon could begin to think of anything else a portal opened in front of him, and with great force, began sucking up everything around him. Veemon grabbed on to the tree and held on tight and the power of the suction increased. Soon the bark on the tree came off and Veemon flew into the portal. The portal then shut.

When Veemon came to he found himself in what looked to be a train station, but there weren’t any trains around, just a big elevator in the back. It looked kind of old and run down, but all the lights in the station appeared to be working fine.

“Where am I? What’s going on?” Veemon thought as he looked around the vacant station. Suddenly he could hear the sound of a train approaching. He quickly ran and hid so that he couldn’t be seen.

A Trailmon stopped at one of the platforms, and another digimon disembarked from one of the passenger cars. The digimon appears to be a foot taller than himself, with brown fur covering his entire body. He also seems to have a few markings on him, like symbols. The unknown digimon and Trailmon say their goodbyes and Trailmon leaves the station. Veemon feels so relieved to see another digimon, he comes out of hiding and runs up to him, hoping to get some answers.

“Excuse me, can you help me? I woke up here and I don’t know how I got here, nor do I know exactly where here is. By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is Flamon. This is the train station that connects the digital world and the real world. The train tracks lead to the digital world while the elevator leads to the real world. The reason its so barren here is because the gate to the real world has been locked.”

“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Flamon. The last thing I remember is getting sucked into some kind of portal, that must be how I ended up here, but why are you here?”

“I left the digital world because I feel so alone there, its like no one there understands me, so I came here to think things over.”

“Well, do you want to be friends? When you have friends then you’re not alone.”

“Sure, I’d like that. By the way, you haven’t introduced yourself yet.”

“I’m sorry, my name is Veemon.”

Veemon and Flamon sat on one of the platforms and started talking. They just kept talking for hours; neither of them had realized that so much time had passed.

“…and that’s how I “accidentally” knocked over the tree,” Veemon finished telling Flamon.

“Nice story, though did you really have to get that extra apple?” Flamon laughed.

“Well, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Thanks for listening by the way.”

“No problem, its helped me feel better actually, I should be thanking you.”

They both just smiled at each other. Veemon couldn’t take his eyes off of Flamon. He wasn’t sure why, but Flamon just seemed so attractive to him. He was a little bit nervous about it when they first started talking, but just talking with him has made him feel more comfortable around him. He had to know something.

“Say, umm… Flamon, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Veemon, ask away.”

“Okay, why are you so…handsome?” Veemon looked away as he said it. He was afraid of what Flamon would say. They had only known each other for a few hours and he didn’t know if Flamon would like him anymore after saying it. Then Flamon pulls Veemon head towards his own and gently kisses him.

“I was hoping you would say something Veemon. I’ve been thinking the same thing about you since you ran over to me. After talking with you I think you’re very sweet as well.”

Veemon smiled back and kissed Flamon passionately. This was a new experience for both of them, and after a few minutes it became very apparent. Bulges began to form in their sheathes as they both became aroused. They broke the kiss and moved around until they had formed a 69 position, it was possible since there wasn’t a big different in their heights. They both massaged and licked each others sheathes, searching for the prizes concealed in them. Soon their cocks were released and rock-hard.

“Looks like you’ve got some impressive meat over here Veemon,” Flamon said. “So do you Flamon.”

Veemon’s cock was about 7 inches long and white like his belly, Flamon’s cock was a little bigger, about 9 inches long and brown like most of his body. They both began working each others cocks, Flamon had no trouble with Veemon’s, while Veemon had a little more difficulty getting Flamon’s 9 inches all the way in his mouth. Flamon licked and sucked on Veemon cock and a little bit of pre-cum started to come out. Flamon then released the cock, and started licking from the base of the shaft to the tip. Veemon moaned as Flamon resumed sucking.

“This feels amazing,” thought Veemon as he was working hard on Flamon’s cock as well. Flamon went a step further and took Veemon’s balls into his hand and began to massage them. This was enough to push Veemon over the edge, his cock erupted with loads of his sweet seed. Flamon tried to swallow all of Veemon’s cum but there was too much to handle, some started to slide down his chin.

Veemon’s orgasm caused him to moan around Flamon’s cock, which just added to the pleasure. “His tongue, wow, it feels so good,” thought Flamon as he was becoming overwhelmed. With one more lick, Flamon’s cock released its own sweet seed into Veemon’s waiting muzzle. Veemon had no trouble swallowing all of Flamon’s cum. They both enjoyed the taste of each other’s cum and kissed each other again to savor the taste again. Veemon licked his cum off of Flamon’s chin.

“That was so wonderful Veemon, I can’t thank you enough for that.” Veemon grinned and turned around, revealing his tail-hole to Flamon. “I can think of a way, please?” Veemon wiggled his rear a little as well. “Sure.”

Flamon’s cock was still lubed up from being sucked on by Veemon, so he positioned his cock at Veemon’s entrance, first circling his cock around the hole in a teasing way. Then he began to push himself in, slowly at first to that Veemon’s passage could adjust.

“He’s so tight,” thought Flamon.

“He’s so big,” thought Veemon.

Flamon mananged to fit his whole length inside the smaller digimon. After about a moment, Veemon signaled that he was ready for Flamon to begin thrusting. It felt so good for both of them, the tightness of Veemon’s rear, and the size and warmth of Flamon. Then Flamon increased the speed of his thrusts. Soon Veemon’s cock was throbbing for attention again so Flamon reached down with one hand and began to stroke Veemon’s cock in unison with his thrusts. Veemon was in so much pleasure he couldn’t contain it, he cummed again; this time on the ground and on Flamon’s hand. Flamon neared his orgasm and with one final thrust he cummed inside of Veemon, coating his insides.

After their orgasms has stopped, Flamon pulled out of Veemon and they licked the remaining cum off of each other and kissed again, their cocks retreating back to their hiding spots.

“I love you Veemon,” stated Flamon. “I love you too.” Then Veemon began to feel weak and began to pass out, the last thing he heard Flamon say was “I’ll love you, always.”

Veemon reawakened in the digital world under the same tree he was under originally.

“Was it a dream?” Veemon asked himself. “It was so real.”

Veemon felt something sticky under him and realized that it was cum coming from his rear entrance.

“Maybe it wasn’t a dream, but what happened?” Veemon thought to himself.

The End

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