Lustful Spirits

By: Herrschaft



            “Giga Destroyer!” What could best be described as an orange cyborg dinosaur fired six missiles out of a chest silo at a creature that appeared to be a conglomeration of many others. The missiles did nothing to harm the creature. MetalGreymon! Attack Kimeramon up close.” The dinosaur flew directly to the chimera’s face and pulled back its left arm, which was completely mechanical. “Trident Arm” MetalGreymon drove the arm right through Kimeramon’s skull. Kimeramon grabbed MetalGreymon with all four of its arms. “You think you have me beat, but I still have one more trick up my sleeve.” “What sleeve. As far as I can tell, you’re naked.” It was hard to tell if the seven year old blond kid was simply being a smartass, or if his youthful ignorance led him to say this. “Figure of speach Josh. He was just saying he’s not done yet.” “How’s that possible. You caved his head in?” “Things aren’t always as they seem here, in case you haven’t noticed. Now take Commandramon and get out of here. He’s your digimon, not me. I’ll take care of Kimeramon. Kimeramon became blue, and his head regrew. “Ohhhhhhhh shit. Commandramon, come on!” Josh spoke to a blue dinosaur with camo, a soldier helmet, and an assault rifle.“Alright.” “Wait. Commandramon, you take care of him.” “Right.” “You waste too much time.” An orb formed in each of Kimeramon’s hands. “Poison wing.” He fired the combined blast directly at Josh. MetalGreymon flew in the way of the blast. Noooo. MetalGreymon!” When the blast subsided, a skeletal beast stood there. “SkullGreymon….”  SkullGreymon spoke in a double voice. “Even in death, I shall protect him.” “Something’s different about him.” “Other than the black bones instead of white.” “Yeah, but he seems to have control of himself now. Skullgreymon pulled his fist back and punched Kimeramon, sending him hurtling to the ground five miles away. “Ground Zero double.” SkullGreymon fired two missiles of his back. They hit Kimeramon, and destroyed him. SkullGreymon turned into dust. Josh heard his voice, use your digivice and get out of here.” Josh held out a small rectangular device. A light hit Commandramon. He turned into 1s and 0s and was absorbed into the device. Josh looked in the screen to see a dot version of Commandramon on it. Suddenly the light got bigger and surrounded Josh. The light went away, and josh was in his bedroom.” “I wonder if I’ll ever go back.”


12 years later.

            Josh got out of bed. He had changed much. He was bigger. He had grown close to two feet since he went to the digital world. He was also about 80 pounds bigger. The fact that he was not wearing a shirt revealed that he was rather well built, with well defined pectoral muscles and a six pack. It also revealed a cross tattooed on his left shoulder blade, a fire and water yinyang on his left upper chest, and a dragon on his right bicep. Funny enough, his hair was pretty much the same, except bleached blonde. He checked his phone. “Message from John. Come to the school. Training time! Figures.” Josh grabbed his martial arts uniform, his gray camouflage headband, and his bo staff. He opened his door and ran out of his room. He went immediately to the kitchen. A girl with pink hair wearing a white button up shirt and pink panties was waiting for him. “Finally you’re up.” “Mimi. Were we going to go to your apartment or…” “Nah. I think I’ll stay here again tonight.” She giggled and wrapped her arms around Josh. “You need me and you know it.” “Do I?” “In more ways than you know.” The two of them passionately kissed.


            Josh kissed Mimi again before he got out of the car. “Call me when you’re done Josh. I’m going shopping.” “Of course. It would be unusual if you didn’t.” Mimi smacked Josh in the ass and playfully shoved him out of the door. Josh ran to the recreational building on the campus and changed. He ran into the main room, and found his sparring partner sitting on a sofa. He stood up, nearly half a foot taller than Josh, and roughly 60 pounds heavier. “Let me guess. You had a night with Mimi.” “You know it John.” Josh tied his headband on his head. John pulled his kendo sword and took a fighting stance. Josh grabbed his bo staff, did a little showing off, and took a fighting stance of his own. The two started sparring. John performed a strike straight for the head. Josh parried the attack and struck for the ribcage. John defended with his shinai. He turned around and tried a stabbing maneuver. Josh slammed his staff in front of him and deflected the strike, and then delivered a kick to John’s chest. Josh then performed a strike towards John’s throat. He stopped before the strike hit. “I admit it. You win.” There was a lot of clapping. Josh and John realized that they had drawn quite a crowd. “We are pretty awesome, aren’t we?”


            “Oh, this will really turn Josh on.” Mimi was trying on various intimate apparel. She grabbed a black leather outfit, typically worn as bondage gear. Ooooooh! We’re going to have some fun tonight.” Mimi walked out of the shop with a rather large bag. A device on her hip started to glow. “My digivice!” She was engulfed in light. When it subsided, there was no one there.”


            Josh was walking out of the recreational facility. He was now wearing jeans, sneakers, an unbuttoned black button up shirt, and a red shirt underneath. He still had his head band on. he was carrying his bowstaff and had a backpack on. He was on the phone. “Come on Mimi, pick up.” He was directed to her voicemail. He realized his digivice was glowing. “Are you serious?” Josh was enveloped in light…


            Awww hell.” Josh rubbed his head. “Good to see you sir.” Josh looked to his left, and held out his fist for Commandramon to punch. “Great to see you again, Commandramon.” “It would be better, were it under other circumstances.” “Tell me the story while we walk through the forest. We’re less likely to stand out there. It’s much more dark.” “Yes sir.” “And just call me Josh. It is quite unlikely that I’ll ever be some kind of hot shot commander in the military.” “Yes si…uh, Josh.”



“You are so lucky we found you before the boys did. If they saw all of this, they would probably get the wrong idea and rape you or something.” The redhead helped Mimi pack the fruits of her shopping adventure in a backpack. “Thanks Sora. Hi Kari, Yolei, and… who are these girls?” Kari, a rather petit brunette pointed each of them out. “The redhead is Rika.” A girl with a topknot stepped forward. “Yo.” “As you can see, Rika has a pretty bad attitude.” Kari giggled. “This girl with blonde hair and pink clothes is Zoe.” She stepped forward and did a sort of bow. “Nice to meet you.” “The brunette in the pink blazer is Yoshino.” “Just call me Yoshi.” “And these two who dress alike are Miki and Megumi.” In unison. “So nice to meet you.” Everyone then introduced their digimon.



  Josh was staring at his digivice. It had magically grown to be about the size of a handheld videogame system, and it had some kind of skanner at the top. In fact, it looked like a black version of the Skannerz™ commander game. It also had red lines forming an X, something it kept from his old digivice. “The Ancient warriors went rogue huh. I remember them. AncientGreymon was like our mentor.” “Yeah, and our greatest ally, our Guardian, was one of his Greymon soldiers.” “Hey boss. I found one of them humans.” It was a green cross between an Orc and a Troll. “An Ogremon. Out of my way ugly.” “Where do you think you’re going?” There were many more Ogremon, led by a red one. “Huh. I didn’t know there were Fel Ogremon.” Josh checked his digivice. Hyugamon. Ohhhhh. Okay.” The Ogremon attacked. Josh fended them off himself. Hyugamon stood infront of him, pounding his club into his hand repeatedly. “Death Behind!” A flash of light was behind Hyugamon, who fell over and disintegrated into 1s and 0s. A dragon in military like armor appeared, seemingly out of thin air. “Camouflage is pretty awesome, eh Sealsdraom.” Sealsdramon was covered in 1s and 0s which then went into the skanner of Josh’s digivice. Commandramon stood where Sealsdramon once did. “Assassination doesn’t hurt either.” Josh chuckled. “Let’s go. Maybe we can find some allies.”


Josh ran into a group of guys. They were led by a guy with extremely tall hair and goggles, and a blonde guy, who had similar fashion sense to Josh. “I’m Tai.” “Matt.” “These guys are TK, Izzy and Joe.” Another blondie, the brother of the first, a redhead, and a guy with long blue hair. “Davis, Ken, Cody.” Another spiky haired kid with goggles, a guy with black hair, and a younger kid. “Takuya and Henry.” Another gogglehead and a kid in a vest.” Takuya, Kouji, J.P, and Tommy.” Gogglehead, asshole who Josh would eventually have to take down a notch, fatass, and midget kid. “And Marcus, Thomas, and Keenan.” Long haired guy, Nazi, and ninja wannabe. “Nice to meet you all.” They all introduced their digimon. “Lets go. Maybe we’ll find the girls soon.” “Alright, I need to get reacquainted with this place anyway.”

000000000000100101100000000000End Prologue0000000001000000000010110000001011100

            Whoo. That took a while. The lemon parts should start in the first actual chapter, though I intend to have a good bit of fighting in here too, and there may even be chapters dedicated to fights. So let’s get this thing started.