Madly in love with you
By AngelGatomon

Couple: Gatomon/Patamon

Warning! I don’t own Digimon; the characters are propriety of Toei and Bandai.

If you’re under 18, you must not see this fic because it contains sexual stuff. If you’re 18 or older, go on and enjoy ^_^

This history passes three years after MaloMyotismon’s defeat. It was a beautiful starry night on a forest of File Island where two digimon were walking together and along shoulder in shoulder. These digimon are Gatomon and Patamon; the angels of Light and Hope who were having a date, and they came from Digitamamon’s restaurant after a very delicious dinner. This Digitamamon was the cousin of the Digitamamon who the digidestined met in The Server Continent.

“The dinner was so delicious, Patamon” Gatomon said smiling at her beloved angel. “Of course Gatomon, I did well choosing the Digitamamon’s restaurant for our date, Didn’t I?” Patamon said.

“Why didn’t you? You did well” Gatomon smiled. Couldn’t we do with a good warm bath after this dinner?” Patamon asked her as he was a little blushed. “It’s a great idea” she replied touched. “Then let’s go to the hot springs” he smiled.

They both went on the way to the hot springs as they contemplated the beautiful starry night. “What a beautiful night, my warrior of Hope!” Gatomon said with a charming look. “Of course, my Light” he replied. “And much more with a so beautiful and shining star like you” he added as he contemplated the sweet and smiling look of Gatomon. “Thanks a lot, my beloved angel” Gatomon replied licking him sweetly on his cheek. “That tickles” Patamon said blushed while touching his cheek. They continued his way and arrived to the hot springs after fifteen minutes.

“At last we arrived” Gatomon said. “Yes, although this long walk hasn’t been any bored; we’ve been contemplating the starry sky of this night, apart from walking is good” Patamon said. “Yes, you’re right” Gatomon replied. “As well, this walk’s helped you to keep your beautiful figure” Patamon smiled making her blush deeply. “What’re we waiting for? Let’s bathe. As there’s nobody now, we’ll be able to enjoy this bath by ourselves” Patamon said. “Ehh… Yes” she replied still blushed by what Patamon had told.

Patamon got into the water of the least deep hot spring while Gatomon took her gloves off and left them on the nearest rock. “Let me help you to get in, Lady” Patamon said while holding Gatomon’s paw. “Thank you, gentleman” Gatomon replied while following his game.

The two love birds sat down in the bath so that the water covered them up to the neck. They both leaned on the wall of the bath that was nearest them to relax and enjoy the bath. In some instants Patamon splashed water at Gatomon while she was enjoying her bath with her eyes closed. “How funny!” Gatomon said and then she splashed at Patamon with more water than what she’d got from him. “You’re gonna pay for this” Patamon said while splashing more water at Gatomon. They both were splashing during a while. When in the end they finished splashing, they both focused their looks on each other.

Gatomon focused her look on the cheerful and cute look of her beloved Patamon, as he focused his on the sweet and charming look of his beloved Gatomon. They both ended joining their lips kissing with so much passion, sliding their tongues between themselves playing without wanting to cease. Patamon started to caress softly her back making her enjoy in a very passionate way. Gatomon decided to follow the game and started to caress Patamon’s back as well with the same passion. Their hearts beated really quickly as they felt each other carresses and their tongues tasted each other.

After breaking the kiss, Patamon started to carress Gatomon’s body as she was influenced by the temptation of the smoothness and tenderness of his paws. Patamon then got behind Gatomon and started to caress her belly moving his paws slowly until reaching her breasts. Then Patamon started to caress her breasts at the same time he squeezed her nipples softly making her moan and purr in pleasure. At the same time Patamon got really excited since he’d never touched the breasts of a womon.

“Oh… Patamon. What a pleasant sensation” Gatomon moaned as Patamon kept playing with her breasts passionately. “Ooooh go on, Pata! Go on, Pata! ¡Ooooh go on, go on …!” she moaned in pleasure on feeling her climax each time closer. “¡Oooh yeaaah!” she moaned in pleasure and ended releasing her love juices out of her pussy and into the water.

“That was a very pleasant experience” Gatomon smiled still purring. “Of course it was” Patamon replied in a shy tone; his member was fully erect after the treatment. Gatomon could feel Patamon’s member on her back, which made her turn. Gatomon was really surprised when seeing Patamon’s penis was almost eight inches long! “Wow! Now I see why the people say that the good things come in smaller packs” Gatomon said making Patamon blush deeply.

Gatomon focused her look on Patamon’s member drooling and with wishes to eat it. Before Patamon could say nothing, Gatomon opened her mouth, took directly his member with her lips and started to suck on it from the base to the tip giving him huge waves of pleasure.

“Oh, Gatomon… Go on, go on…” Patamon moaned feeling the rough tongue of Gatomon caressing his member each time going faster. Gatomon tried to hold her breath under the water as she could with the aim of enjoying sucking on Patamon's member; anything to make him reach the glory. Gatomon stopped a moment to take air as Patamon looked at her gently. Gatomon dived again to continue with the treatment.

Gatomon was there, taking him to a world experiences that he had never experienced before. “Oh Gatomon, oh yes, oh yes, oh yeeeeaaah!” Patamon moaned feeling his orgasm each time closer. Gatomon started to suck on Patamon’s cock faster and harder without letting go of it a single second. Patamon’s member started to vibrate signaling that his orgasm was near. Patamon's species of Digimon when they’re near to reach their orgasm, their members start to vibrate to help to increase the pleasure of their mates. “Aaaah Gatomon, Here it comes!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” Patamon shouted as he released all of his sperm hard into Gatomon’s mouth. Gatomon put Patamon’s entire penis in her mouth to swallow all of his sperm, enjoying the taste and not letting a single drop to escape.

“Sweet” Gatomon said while enjoying the rest of sperm remaining in her mouth and making Patamon blush deeply. Gatomon sat down spreading her legs to leave her pussy more uncovered. “Come here Patamon, I want to feel that big rod of yours inside me” she said in a seductive voice.

Patamon guided his member toward Gatomon’s hungry pussy to push it inside. Then Gatomon felt Patamon’s member stopping against a sort of barrier that she guessed it was her hymen, reason why she started to force Patamon towards her each time harder before he could tell nothing. This ended causing Patamon’s member to break through her hymen and end all the way in her vagina. At the same time Gatomon let out a scream of pain and some blood got out of her vagina mixing with the water. This event meant for Gatomon the loss of her virginity.

“Gatomon, are you okay? Patamon asked worried as Gatomon was looking at him lovingly. “Don’t worry, I’m okay. Go on and don’t stop” Gatomon said kissing him on the lips and wrapping her tail around him. Patamon obeyed her orders and continued with the threatment.

“Oh Patamon! Faster! Faster!” Gatomon moaned loudly as she felt Patamon’s member invading her inside. Patamon started to push his member each time faster in and out of Gatomon’s vagina, making feel her clímax nearer and nearer. “Ooooooh yes! Ooooooh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee! Oooooh yeeaaaaahh! Gatomon shouted while feeling the great pleasure of Patamon’s member rubbing her vaginal walls and which made her purr loudly.

Patamon’s lovemaking was so extreme that Gatomon was reaching the absolute glory. Suddenly Patamon’s member started to vibrate hard, which made Gatomon escape another loud moan in pleasure. “Oooooh Gatomon!” Patamon shouted in pleasure when he was one step from reaching his orgasm. “Oooooh Patamon!” Gatomon shouted with the same pleasure as Patamon. “Oh God, ahhhhhh!” Gatomon moaned while releasing hard her love juices on Patamon’s member. “Oh Gatomon! Ahhhhhh!” Patamon moaned while releasing another massive torrent of his warm sperm into Gatomon’s womb. Gatomon held onto Patamon hard toward her to not let escape a single drop of his love essences as she kissed him on the lips very passionately.

Some minutes later, they broke the kiss and Gatomon snuggled gently on Patamon. “That was wonderful, Patamon” Gatomon said as she snuggled more on Patamon as he caressed her back with his tender paws. “Of course it was, Gatomon” Patamon said as he wrapped Gatomon with his wings. “I love you very much, Pata-Kun. I can’t be separated from you a second” the white kitty said. “Me too, Gato-Chan; my live has no sense without you” Patamon said kissing her cheek.  “I begin to fell sleepy, we’ll better go to home” Gatomon yawned signaling she was dead-tired. “Yes, honey. But we’d be better off washing first” he replied. “Of course Patamon” she replied.

The two love birds washed with the water and later they got out of the hot bath. Patamon took two towers from one of the baskets that were beside the locker rooms, the one that said “Clean towers”. He gave one of the towers to Gatomon and they used them to dry themselves. When they finished, Patamon put the towers into the backet that said “Used towers” while Gatomon picked up her gloves to wear them.

“Let’s go home, sweetheart; I’m too tired” Gatomon said yawning. “Yes, let’s go. I’m tired too” Patamon said with tired eyes. The two little angels went into the forest taking another route which leaded to their house. “Did you know you’re so cute when you yawn, Gato?” Patamon said on seeing his love yawning without stopping during the way. “Eh…… thanks” she replied yawning again. After a quarter of an hour on the way, at last they arrived to their house.

Their house was a small cabin which was in a forest’s area where anyone barely passed. The cabin had two rooms. In the main room there was a table with its chairs, a cooker, a sink, a worktop, furniture (where to save the crockery, cutlery, glassware, tablecloths and napkins), a stove (for the cold days) and a bed (where they both slept together). The other room was the bathroom with its sink, toilet, bathtub and a shelve (where to put the towers). They had their cabin as their love nest where they saved their intimacy ever since they told the rest of the team about their love relationship three months ago.

“You first, ma’am” Patamon said opening the door to Gatomon. “Thank you, Monsieur” she said following the classic game. Gatomon threw herself on the bed and tucked herself with the blankets as Patamon walked in the house. “Come here, sweetheart” Gatomon said in a seductive way. Patamon flew directly to Gatomon and she grabbed him to lay down with him, hugging him tenderly and giving him a very passionate kiss. Patamon kissed her with the same passion as he wrapped her with his wings.  

“I love you very much, Patamon” Gatomon said. “I love you too, my sweet angel of Light” Patamon replied making Gatomon kiss him more. “Ummmm, Patamon! I’m trapped in the ocean of your love, in the island of your body, and protected in the shelter of your arms” Gatomon said focusing her look on Patamon’s cheerful eyes at the same time she kissed and hugged him lovingly.

“Gatomon, my angel of Light; you’re a volcano of honey which no mon has tasted so far, reason why I’ll be the one to do it” Patamon replied giving her a sweet kiss full of love. Gatomon followed the game and they both remained kissing deeply while their tongues played without stopping until they fell asleep of how sleepy they felt. The two little angels remained asleep, hugged one to the other and without wanting to let go not even for a second.

The next day Patamon opened his eyes and got up while contemplating his beloved Gatomon still asleep. “Patamon…” she whispered smiling gently while putting her arm on him. “Kiss me, my sweet angel, I want you…” she whispered making Patamon smile and he gave her a sweet kiss on the neck which wook her up. Gatomon opened her eyes slowly and turned her head toward Patamon smiling at him very gently and with wishes to eat him with kisses. Gatomon suddenly got up and without thiking twice she went directly to kiss Patamon so hard that almost choked him.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I wanted so much to kiss you” Gatomon said as she retreated to let Patamon breathe. “It’s okay, honey. There are times we lose control” Patamon replied. “Always using the right words, my warrior of Hope” Gatomon said giving him a softer kiss this time. Patamon couldn’t resist returning the kiss to Gatomon.

“I think we’d have to pick new flowers for the flower vase; those ones are wilt already” Gatomon said while looking at the flower vase that was on the table of the room. “Yes, of course. If not, the aspect of our love nest will be sad and we don’t want it to be like that” the winged digimon replied. “You’re right, sweetheart” Gatomon replied.

“What about going to the Crystal Lake to pick some flowers? I’ve heard that the lake is conected to Miharashi Mount’s spring through an aquifer. And since the water of the mountain is so rich, it makes the flowers grow so beautiful and that the trees offer really tasty fruits” Patamon proposed. “Yes, of course” she replied. “Besides we can spend a moment there the two of us alone, taking the chance that the lake is on a place really hidden thanks to the abundant trees. We may have to jump a lot of the visible roots but it’ll be worth” he said.

“Yeah, that’s an excellent place, let’s go there” Gatomon said. “All right” Patamon said while going to the door. “Wait for me to take the basket, Pata” Gatomon said going to the worktop to take the basket. Once she took it, she went to the door. “Ladies first” the winged digimon said while opening the door so that Gatomon could go out. “Thank you, Sir Patamon” she replied walking out the door. Patamon went out too and closed the cabin’s door.

The Little couple went into the most hoisted zone of the forest which was right behind the cabin. The zone was shady because there were many trees and they blocked the light. Gatomon tripped over a visible root and dropped the basket. But Patamon was by her side holding her paw and grabbed it tight to avoid her falling. “Thanks a lot, sweetheart” Gatomon said. “Don’t mention it, Gato-Chan” Patamon replied. “I’ll try to be more careful” she said while picking the basket.

They both continued walking carefully to not trip with the visible roots of the trees. In ten minutes, they saw a zone where the light was to their right. “It’s right there” Patamon signed. “Well, the long walk was worth” Gatomon said.

They both went to the illuminated zone where the Crystal Lake was. The Crystal Lake was a small lake where the water was completely crystal clear. The water came out from a small hole between the rocks. There were trees and shrubs that offered all kinds of fuits which had a very good taste, and flowers of all kinds with a color that shined in the sunlight and with a so good scent; everything thanks to the nutrition of the lake’s water.

“What a beautiful place!” Gatomon said with dreamy eyes. “Thanks a lot for bringing me here, my love” she said while hugging her love and she licked his cheek sweetly. “Don’t mention it, honey” he said still blushed deeply after the lick. “Well, why don’t we taste the fruits to see how delicious they are?” he added. “OK Pata-Kun” she replied. “Let’s begin tasting those strawberries” she said signaling the shrubs with strawberries that were beside her.

“Kneel down, close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you” Patamon said. “Why?” she asked. “Just follow the game” he replied. Gatomon kneeled down and closed her eyes as he ordered. Patamon went to pick just one strawberry from the shrubs. Patamon brought the strawberry closer to her mouth and started to caress her lips with it very passionately. After some seconds Gatomon took a bite of the strawberry enjoying it.

“It’s very tasty” Gatomon said. “Yes, but not as tasty as you are, my sweet kitty” Patamon replied giving her a passionate kiss which surprised her and she opened her eyes wide. The white kitten didn’t doubt in returning the kiss with the same passion. Their hearts were beating at the sound’s speed as their hungry mouths and tongues didn’t stop tasting one to the other.

When they broke the kiss, Patamon started to caress the face of his beloved kitty from her cheek to her lips. Then Gatomon took one of Patamon’s fingers with her mouth to suck on it very passionately for a while to then do the same with the other two.

After finishing with the threatment, Gatomon took her gloves off to feel the soft skin of her beloved little angel with her nude hands. She started to caress his face in the same way as he’d done to her. Then Patamon started to suck on one of her fingers with the same passion as her and then he did the same with the other two.

The two love birds concentrated their looks on each other so gently and passionately without wanting to turn them a moment. They couldn’t hold on and ended kissing in a very passionate way at the same time they were hugging and caressing to each other.

Patamon started to make a train of kisses to Gatomon descending through her body, begining from her neck up to reach her breasts where he started to kiss one of her nipples making her moan and purr in pleasure as she was caressing his back. “Oh my God…” she moaned while feeling how Patamon was sucking and biting her nipples hungrily and then gently.

Then Patamon started to kiss her descending on her belly, waist and she started to kiss her right leg first and later the left one. Gatomon had closed her eyes breathing very excited and purring as she let her beloved little angel do whatever he wanted. “Oh God…” she moaned while feeling Patamon’s kisses nearer her groin.

Patamon started to kiss her groin making her horny with each kiss and lick that he gave her. “Oh, my God… Uhhhh!” Gatomon moaned as she was considerably horny.

Meeeowwww…!” she miaowed in pleasure on feeling how Patamon started to lick her clit softly. Gatomon began to leak her sweet love juices which he drank enjoying the taste while licking more.

“Oh, meow! Sweet torture… Sweet pleasure” Gatomon moaned in a poetic tone as Patamon was licking her clit very gently. Her vagina began to get damp and leak her love juices which Patamon started to taste. Gatomon felt she was in heaven, moaning for the extreme pleasure that Patamon’s tongue gave licking her inside and she didn’t want the moment to finish. “Uhhhhhhh! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yeees!” she moaned as Patamon was licking her sweet pussy each time faster and deeper. “Deeper Pata…… deepeeeeeeeeeeeer” Gatomón shouted in extreme pleasure while Patamon reached the G point which made her feel a great orgasm that made her release hard her creamy love juices into Patamon’s hungry mouth and he swallowed till the last drop licking all her pussy.

“You taste so good, honey” Patamon said while licking his lips. “Oh God…That was an amazing experience” Gatomon said smiling between her breasts to her love who was directly to kiss her lips and caress her gently. Meanwhile, she could feel Patamon’s member fully erect on her belly after the threatment.

Immediately Gatomon started to make a train of kisses through Patamon’s body as he had done to her first. This made Patamon sit down gradually. Once he was seated, Gatomon was just a few kisses from reaching his member. She took it to suck on it from the base to the tip giving Patamon huge waves of pleasure that ran through all his body as he moaned loudly.

“Oh Gatomon…..go on...go on” he moaned as his beloved kitty continued caressing his dick with her rough feline tongue and using her paw to play with his two balls to prolong the intense pleasure he was feeling. Patamon tried to hold his clímax to prolong more the moment.

Gatomon was there, sucking on his big cock as if it was the last thing on the earth, going from slow to fast on speed. “Oh Yes! Oh yes! Oh yeees!” Patamon moaned loudly as he felt his climax each time closer. “Oh Gatomon! Aaaaaaah!...” he moaned like crazy as his member started to vibrate signaling he was on the edge of his orgasm and he couldn’t hold it anymore. “Here it comes!” he shouted while releasing a masive torrent of his creamy and sticky sperm into Gatomon mouth and she swallowed it till the last drop enjoying the taste. Then she licked the rest of sperm that remained on his rod smiling at him.

“You taste so sweet as usual” Gatomon said while licking her lips with pleasure. “Thanks honey” Patamon asked. “What about if we try anal sex” Gatomon proposed getting herself in position. “It wouldn’t be a bad idea” he said. “Anyway, doing always the same can become boring. It’s good to have variety on the sex” he specified. “Of course” she replied.

“Come on! Let’s try it” Gatomon said in a seductive tone of voice. Patamon smiled and then started to put his member into the back door. “Ready?” he asked. “Yeah, Pata-Kun” she smiled as Patamon held on to her waist and started to put his member slowly into her ass making Gatomon escape a scream in pain as her ass stretched out. “I’m hurting you? Don’t you think we should…?” Patamon said quite worried as Gatomon put her tail on his lips to make him silence. “It’s OK, the pain is gone now. Go on and don’t stop Pata” Gatomon said starting to purr.

Patamon smiled and continued pushing his erection inside of her ass till he ended all the way inside as they moaned. “Oh…… this feels great……” Patamon moaned as Gatomon started to leak her love juices out of her pussy. “Oh Pata, I love you……” Gatomon moaned as she enjoyed in a way she’d never felt before. But that was just the beginning since Patamon started to move in and out of her making her moan in an incredible pleasure. “Oh God! Harder Pata! Harder!” Gatomon moaned loudly as Patamon granted her wish ramming her harder.

“Oh Gato!” Patamon moaned as he felt his upcoming torrent which he held and continued with the threatment at the same time he started to grope her cunt making her moan loudly. “Oh Pataaaa...!” Gatomon moaned like crazy while feeling her climax which made her release her juices hard out of her pussy as Patamon moaned loudly flooding her anus with a torrent of his warm sperm and kissed her back.

“Oh Pata! That was incredible” Gatomon said looking at her love as he moved a bit from her to then take her by her waist slowly getting her closer to him to hug her gently and kiss her neck softly. “Of course, Gato” Patamon smiled as he nibbled her neck softly and caressed her body gently as she was sighing happy and purred in pleasure.

“You’re wonderful, my little sweet angel. I love you” Gatomon said looking at him gently and with wishes to kiss him that she didn’t think twice to do it. “You’re wonderful too, Gatomon. And I love you too” Patamon replied return the kiss full of love, kiss they kept during some minutes.

When they broke the kiss, Gatomon dropped round the ground pretending she was fainting, doing it very well, and going sprawling in the end with all her pussy uncovered. “Gatomon! Are you okay?” Patamon said quite worried on seeing Gatomon fainted. “Aaaah Patamon, I need to feel that nice penis of yours in my inside, so only you’ll be able to save me” Gatomon said looking weakly at Patamon’s member still erect. Patamon knew it was a bluff.  But even so, acting dumb he started to satisfy Gatomon’s request taking her by her waist putting his dick into the mouth of his beloved’s hungry pussy.

“Aaaah Pata. Your lovely penis is the only medicine, go on” Gatomon moaned as she was feeling the 8 inches of Patamon’s member getting into the mouth of her pussy, thing that made her purr very loud.  “Aaaah, I’m off, I’m off” she said in a dying tone. “Don’t go, honey!” he pretended while getting his member in and out of his darling’s sweet pussy without stopping. Gatomon was in heaven in that moment, feeling so alive more than ever. “Save me! My sweet angel of Hope” she moaned like crazy feeling the glory each time closer. “I’ll never let you go! My sweet angel of Light” Patamon replied being at few steps from the glory.

Patamon was there, taking his beloved Gatomon from heaven to a world of unimaginable experiences. Then Patamon started to increase his speed giving immense waves of pleasure which Gatomon tried to hold to enjoy more the moment just like Patamon. “Oh Pata! Oh Pata! Oh yeah!” Gatomon moaned in supreme pleasure as she felt how Patamon’s member started to vibrate again. “Oh Gato! I’m cummingggg!” Patamon shouted as he began to release his warm sperm into her womb. Oh Pata! Me tooooooooo!” Gatomon shouted with the same pleasure as Patamon while they both ended releasing their love essences simultaneously, mixing and flowing like water out of Gatomon's pussy and making a puddle on the ground.

“Oh Pata, my sweet little angel. You saved my life!” Gatomon said looking grateful at Patamon between her breasts. “Don’t mention it, honey” Patamon replied kissing her beloved kitty deeply at the same time she started to hug him gently. “I love you very much, Patamon. This has been the best moment of my life” Gatomon said after breaking the kiss. “I love you too, Gatomon. And this has been the best moment of my life too” Patamon replied kissing her again with passion.

“You have a so sweet breath, honey! I can’t resist tasting it” Patamon said going directly to kiss her with so much passion. The two little angels kept their lips without separating them not even for a moment as their tongues played between them. After almost ten minutes they broke the kiss which was the longest and most passionate of their lifes.

“Well, well! We’ve been so into each other that we forgot we came to pick flowers!” Gatomon said. “Yeah, that’s true!” Patamon said while he was gonna pick up the basket that was besides the petunias. “I’ll pick a few of each one of the flowers for our flower vase to be more colored.” He said while picking a pair of pink petunias. “Of course. Variety is the spice of life” she said while picking daisies, white roses and lavander. Together with those ones they picked some flowers else.

“We could pick some fruits. Couldn’t we?” Patamon proposed while taking the basket to Gatomon so that she put the flowers she’d picked in it. “Why not?” she smiled. “I think we have enough flowers now. Let’s not leave the lake without flowers” he said.  “Yes, they’re enough” she replied. “Get the flowers out of the basket to put the fruits that I pick and then to put the flowers on top” he said.  “All right” she replied while getting the flowers out of the basket. Patamon flew from tree on tree to pick the fruits.

“I think it’s enough with this” Patamon thought while going toward Gatomon after picking some apricots. “I’ve already picked some fruits, put the flowers” Patamon said. “Yes” Gatomon replied while getting the flowers into the basket.

“We’ll better have a wash because we smell sweat and we’re sticky” Patamon said. “Yes, it’s true” she replied. “The problem is we haven’t brought towers” he said. “Never mind, it’s hot here and we’ll dry ourselves quickly” she replied. They both got into the lake to wash after their moment of fun. “Brrr…it’s cold” Gatomon shivered after getting into the water. “Get your body in the water in one move, so you won't feel cold” Patamon said while diving in the water in one move.
“Yes” she replied while diving in one move too.

They both washed with the water of the lake, seated to be with the water up to their necks. “I want you to rub my back, Pata-Kun” Gatomon ordered. “OK” Patamon replied as he started to rub her back very gently and softly like he knew. “Hug me” she said while looking at him with her beautiful and dreamer sky-blue eyes. Patamon started to hug her with his distinguished tenderness rubbing his head on her and gave her a sweet kiss on the neck.

“I think the bath is enough” Patamon said. “Yeah, I’m clean now” Gatomon replied while standing up. “Well, I think it is time to go” Patamon said as he held Gatomon’s paw to help her to get out. “Yes, we’ve been enough time here” she replied getting out of the lake aided by her little angel. “And thankies for helping me to get out, my sweet gentleman” she added. “Don’t mention it, my sweet lady” he replied.

“Well, let’s wait to get dry first or else, we’ll catch cold on going into the forest since the environment is fresher” the sweet feline digimon said while lying down on the ground. “Yes, of course” the little winged digimon replied while lying down on the ground too.

They both stayed lying down on the ground, feeling the smoothness of the grass while getting dry thanks to the heat of there. While they were getting dry, they focused their looks on each other with so much sweetness, charm and love. Reason why they ended giving each other a long and passionate kiss which lasted five minutes, just the time they took to get dry.

"It seems that our kiss made that we got dried fast" Gatomon smiled as they stood up from the ground. "Yeah, it seems so"Patamon replied while going to pick up the gloves of Gatomon, and the basket with the fruits ans the flowers. “Thanks a lot, sweetheart” she said as Patamon gave her the gloves to wear them and he hold her paw. The little couple went into the forest toward their love nest holding hands not wanting let the other go.

After fifteen minutes walking and jumping visible roots, they returned to their love nest. “Ladies first” Patamon said while opening the door for Gatomon. “Thank you, gentleman” Gatomon followed the classic game.  Patamon closed the door; left the basket on the worktop, picked the flower vase up off the floor, and went to the kitchen sink to change the water and the flowers. “The flower vase is ready, my Lady” he said going to the table to place it. “So our love nest will be brighter” she smiled. “Of course my kitty” he replied kissing her on the lips.

I think it’s time to lunch” Gatomon said while looking at the fruit in the basket. “Yes, honey. How about roasting apples? Patamon proposed. “It’s a great idea, Pata Pata” she replied. Patamon got out of the cabin to take a few of wood and stubbles from the woodshed of the rear of the cabin. Meanwhile, Gatomon was taking some sticks out of the cutlery’s drawer for the apples.

“Here is the wood” Patamon said entering through the door laden with the wood to leave it besides the stove. “We’re just gonna roast apples, reason why I haven’t brought a lot of wood” he said while going to close the door. “OK, sweetheart” she replied while taking a plate for the apples. Patamon went to the furniture to take a box of matches to light the fire. “With it, it’ll be easier to make fire” he said. “Yes, but we must be careful. The house is made of wood and it can catch fire” she replied. “Yes, it’s true. But as it’s a stove where the fire stays insides, there’s no reason to worry” he replied while going to the stove.

Patamon put the wood into the stove first and then the stubbles to light them with the matches. “Be preparing the apples” he said while watching the fire so that it didn’t put out. “OK” the white kitty replied while taking the apples to drive them into the sticks and she put them onto the plate. "The fire is ready" Patamon said while going to take two chairs for both of them to sit infront of the stove.

“Here are the apples, sweetheart” Gatomon said while taking the apples already driven into the sticks. “OK, my kitty” he replied while sitting on the chair. Gatomon sat on the other chair and left the plate over the stove. “We have two apple kebabs, in that way we can roast one each” Gatomon said while taking one of the kebabs to give it to Patamon. “Yes, honey” he replied.

The little couple was in front of the stove moving the apples driven into the sticks closer the fire to roast them. After six minutes, the fruits finished roasting and they put them onto the plate. “They look pretty good, honey” Patamon said with wishes to sink his teeth into them. “Of course, sweetheart” she replied while leaving the plate on the table. “I'll go to get two forks and two plates” Patamon told while going to the furniture to take them. “Here they are” he said while taking the plates and the forks to the table, and placed them. “Thanks for placing the plates and forks, Pata” the feline digimon smiled. “Don’t mention it, my sweet Lady” the winged digimon smiled as they both sat on their places.

The two little angels took their roasted apples and put them onto the plate. They started to eat them enjoying the delicious and caramelized taste of the apples just roasted. “They’re delicious” Gatomon said while tasting her apple. “Of course, Gato” Patamon replied tasting his. “Thanks a lot; you had a great idea about going to the Crystal Lake. We brought delicious fruits” she said. “Don’t mention it, honey” he replied while taking a slice of his apple. “When we finish up the apples, each one of us will eat an underdone fruit” Patamon proposed. “Great idea Patamon, so we’ll round off the roasted apples” Gatomon replied.

When they finished eating the roasted apples, Patamon went to take the basket that was on the worktop and a pair of knives from the cutlery’s drawer to peel the fruits. “Here’s the basket. Which fruit are you gonna take?” he said while taking the basket to the table. “I’m gonna take an orange” she replied while taking an orange from the basket. “Well, I’m gonna take a pear” he said while taking a pear out of the basket.

“Let’s taste these fruits to see how they are” Gatomon said as she and Patamon peeled the fruits with the knives. “Yeah” Patamon replied as he finsihed peeling his pear and bit it. “It’s very tasty” he said while tasting his pear. “This orange is very tasty too. It was really worth to go to the Crystal Lake, my sweet angel” Gatomon said while tasting her orange. “Of course, my Light” he smiled.

“I’ve eaten very good and healthy at the same time” Patamon said after eating the pear. “Me too Patamon, though my favorite food is the fish which is very healthy too” contestó Gatomon. “Yes that’s true, as the fish is your favorite food, the next time we’ll eat fish and of course fruits for dessert” he proposed. “It’s a good idea, buy you don’t like fish, don’t ya?” she said. “Of course I don’t like it, you know my favorite food is the ice cream. I propose to do this since you like fish” he replied. “Thanks a lot, Patamon. You’re a so gentle and sentimental mon, I love you very much” she said giving him a kiss that made him blush. “Don’t mention it, my angel of Light. You know me and I love you very much too” the angel of Hope replied as they cleared the table and left the plates and cutlery in the sink.

As Gatomon left her plate and the cutlery in the sink, Patamon saw her eager face for playing. “I see you’re wishing to play, kitty” Patamon said on seeing Gatomon’s expression. “Now you come to tell it, yes” she replied as she got in attack position. Patamon started to fly each time higher as Gatomon was following him. “Cheater! That’s not fair!” the white kitten shouted. “All right, my sweet predator. Here I am” he said while landing on the bed moving his butt to provoke his hungry kitty. Gatomon got ready to catch him, but it was useless since the winged digimon had time to dodge her. “You’re a pretty difficult to catch” Gatomon said as she kept running behind her tender prey. After some Patamon stopped on the bed to have a break, then Gatomon took the chance of the moment to catch her prey and hug it.

“I certainly let you catch me, kitty” Patamon said as he kept being hugged by Gatomon. “So it was that” she said while licking his cheek. Patamon rolled to escape from Gatomon and at the same time he got over her so that this time he was being the predator. “I’m the predator now, my kitty” he said while grabbing his kitty hard and gave her a lick. “No way!” Gatomon shouted while moving without stopping to get rid of Patamon and get over him. “Now you will not escape” Gatomon smiled while hugging him gently and giving him a deep kiss. Their tongues started to play between them in their mouths at the same time they caressed to each other gently and their hearts beated so fast like the wind.

In some minutes Gatomon noticed Patamon’s member fully erect between her legs at the same time he noticed the humidity of Gatomon’s member. Then Gatomon broke the kiss and descended her look toward Patamon’s member. “Wait, I’ve got a better idea” Patamon said before Gatomon brought her mouth closer to his member. “What’s it?” she asked. “Put your head between my legs at the same time I put mine between yours and then we taste our privates” Patamon replied. “That sounds pretty well” the white kitten smiled.

Gatomon stood up to reverse the position in which she was to end both of them in the 69 position. The little couple started to suck and lick each other privates. Gatomon sucked on Patamon’s member as if it was the last big caramel stick in the digiworld. Suddenly Gatomon let go of Patamon’s member leaking of saliva, and meowed in surprise and pleasure; the sweet tongue of Patamon was taking her to the glory. Gatomon got Patamon’s member into her mouth again, sucking and licking it with her rough feline tongue from the base to the tip, sending huge waves of pleasure through Patamon’s body which made him moan between the sucks and licks he was giving to Gatomon’s cunt. Suddenly Patamon’s member started to vibrate, which made Gatomon feel an intense pleasure in her mouth.

The sucks and licks were so extreme that they ended reaching their orgasms simultaneously and released hard their cum into each other mouths, but no one of the two let fall a single drop onto the bed because they swallow each other cum till the last drop enjoying the taste.

“Your taste never changes, sweetheart” Gatomon said while licking her lips. “Yours either, my kitty” Patamon replied while licking his lips too at the same time he was standing up. “You know fun doesn’t end here, kitty. This was just a little appetizer” the winged digimon said in a naughty tone of voice. “Now you come to tell it, yes” the white kitten said while turning around and she went sprawling to open all her pussy.
“Then let’s pass to the main course” Patamon said while going to Gatomon to get his dick into the hungry pussy of his naughty kitty. Then Gatomon grabbed Patamon to hug him gently and pasionately at the same time she guided his dick into her vaginal entrance. When Patamon felt the vaginal lips rubbing against his dick, he started to push it softly into her moist and tight vagina making Gatomon moan in pleasure as she felt how her vaginal wall were adjusting to Patamon’s long and thick cock.

When Patamon’s cock was completely inside of Gatomon’s pussy, he started to push hit in and out with all his force while she kissed him hard on the lips, and hug him tenderly at the same time she moved her hips to match her rhythm with Patamon's. “Ohhh Yeeesss! Pata, Fuck me! Fuck me! Like you know! Ohhhh yeeesss!” Gatomon moaned and purred in pure pleasure and lust. “Ohhhh yeeesss, Gatomon! This feels so good!” Patamon moaned as he kept pushing his love rod in and out of Gatomon’s pussy.

Patamon’s lovemaking was so extreme that Gatomon felt one orgasm after another as she kissed him. Suddenly his member started to vibrate in a considerable way making Gatomon let out another big moan of extreme pleasure.
“Patamoooooon!!!” Gatomon shouted in pleasure while begining to release her creamy juices that soaked their furs and made a small puddle on the bed. “Gatomoooooooooon!!!” Patamon shouted with the same pleasure as Gatomon as he released hard his creamy and sticky cum into her womb. Meanwhile, Gatomon forced him deeply with her legs around him as she moaned loud on feeling the warmest of his love juices invading her inside.

They both remained lying down on the bed, hugged with Patamon’s member still inside of Gatomon’s tight pussy and looking tenderly at each other. “You’re unique, Patamon. There’s no mon that knows how to love like you love. I’m so lucky for having you, my sweet warrior of Hope” Gatomon whispered looking gently at Patamon who was looking at her with his distinguished cheerful look. “You’re unique too, Gatomon. You’ve got the beauty of a Goddess, especially in your beautiful blue eyes. And I am lucky for having you too, my angel of Light” Patamon whispered wrapping her with his wings and kissing her gently on the lips.

“I love you, my sweet Gatomon” Patamon said after kissing her. “I love you too, my sweet Patamon” she replied returning the kiss to him. “Promise that we’re always gonna be together” Gatomon said as she was looking lovingly at her little angel of Hope. “I promise, Gatomon. We’re always gonna be together” Patamon said to then seal the promise with a deep kiss full of love which they kept until staying completely asleep of how tired they were.

The end