Bad Romance

By AngelGatomon

Couple: Gatomon/Patamon

Warning! I don’t own Digimon; the characters are property of Toei and Bandai.

If you’re under 18, you must not see this fic because it contains sexual stuff. If you’re 18 or older, go on and enjoy ^_^

Patamon woke up in a small house noting his paws chained up together to his back; these chains were hooked to a ring on the floor. His wings were tied so he couldn’t fly.

“Why am I this way?! Where are you, Gatomon?! Is this your work!?” He shouted.


Gatomon was going for a walk through a forest and hiding something in her right glove; something she needed to carry out her plan.

After some minutes walking, she found the Digimon she was looking for. That Digimon was Patamon, who was flying around the zone.

“Hi Gatomon” Patamon said after seeing Gatomon.

“Hi Patamon” Gatomon said. “I was looking for you”

“Looking for me? What do you want?” Patamon asked.

“I must tell you something I should’ve told you a long time ago” Gatomon replied.

“And what is it, Gatomon?” Patamon asked.

“Well… I love you. And I want to give you a gift, as proof of my love.” Gatomon replied.

“I must say I love you too, Gatomon. And I’m ready to accept your gift, whatever it is” Patamon said. “And where’s my gift? Haven’t you brought it?” He asked.

“No, it’s in my house. You know; my secret house where I hide in my moments of sadness and the place where I stayed with Wizardmon in my days as Myotismon’s servant” Gatomon said. “I don’t want anyone to know about the gift and I decided to keep it in there knowing barely anyone passes that zone. So you’ll come with me”

“Of course I will, Gatomon” Patamon said.

“Knowing how you are, I’m confident that you won’t tell anybody about my secret home” –Gatomon said.

“Of course I won’t. I would never do anything that could hurt your feelings” Patamon replied.

“Then let’s go, Patamon” Gatomon said.

“Yes, Gatomon” Patamon replied.

Gatomon took Patamon to her house that was in the deepest zone of the forest where barely anyone passed. The house was a small cabin made of stone and wood. They took almost a quarter-hour to arrive at the house.

“Well Patamon, this is my house” Gatomon said. “Your gift is inside. But before…” She took out the blindfold that she was hiding in her right glove. “…put on this blindfold not to see the gift”

“Wouldn’t I just need to cover my eyes with my paws? Patamon asked.

“I’ll tell you the truth: the gift is a dish I made for you with all my affection. And you’ll need your both paws to grab and savor it” Gatomon said.

“I bet that dish you’ve made must be yummy” He said.

“Of course Patamon, now put on the blindfold, I’m gonna bring the gift” Gatomon said.

“OK” Patamon said while taking the blindfold and he put on it.

Gatomon unlocked the house’s door using her Holy Ring’s power with the lock that was a special lock that only moved with Holy Ring’s power (Like the statues of Devidramon in Myotismon’s castle). Gatomon got into the house and took a plate with a little chocolate jelly roll with a vanilla filling she’d made for Patamon knowing he liked chocolate jelly rolls. But Gatomon had put chloroform in the vanilla filling when she made the jelly roll. Gatomon got out of the house to give the jelly roll to Patamon.

“Here is your gift.” Gatomon said guiding his hands to the plate with the jelly roll.

Patamon took the jelly roll from the plate and began to eat it.

“I know what it is. It’s a chocolate jelly roll with a vanilla filling, my favorite cake.” He said after savoring it. “Thanks a lot, Gatomon.”

“You’re welcome.” She replied smiling.

Soon after he ate it, Patamon began to feel asleep.

“Why am I falling asleep? What’s wrong?” Patamon asked as he was fainting.

Gatomon kept quiet, and Patamon fell asleep finally. Then, Gatomon put him in the house and locked the door in the same way she had unlocked it.

[End of the Flashback]

“I see you woke up finally.” Gatomon said while holding a syringe.

“Why, Gatomon? Why are you doing this to me? I thought you loved me” Patamon said with a sadness expression.

“And I really love you” Gatomon replied smiling.

“Then, why are you doing this to me?” Patamon asked.

“Because I want to play a game with you” Gatomon replied.

“And is all this, part of your said game?” Patamon asked looking at the chains.

“Yes, and I needed to get you off to sleep. I added chloroform to the vanilla filling of the jelly roll to make you fall asleep and so it would be easier to tie you while you were asleep. And I used this syringe with substance anti-chloroform to neutralize the effects of the chloroform and wake you up.” Gatomon said.

“And what’s this game?” He asked.

“You’ll see it now” She replied.

Gatomon went to the table and took a ball gag and a small whip.

“But first, I’ll put this on your mouth” She said.

“But Gatomon…” Before he could speak, Gatomon put the ball gag on his mouth.

“Let’s start” She said.

Gatomon started to whip him heavily on his butt, legs and back. Patamon couldn’t stand the pain of the lashes and tears were running down his face; those lashes were causing him wounds. As he was extremely chained up and with his wings tied, Patamon couldn’t escape though he was moving.

“Keep still! Or d’you want to try my sharp claws?” Gatomon said threatening him with the claws of her left paw.

Patamon shook his head wanting to say no.

“All right, let’s continue” Gatomon said.

Patamon could do nothing but keep standing the lashes from Gatomon’s whip. However, a few minutes later, he began to feel excited and his member began to emerge from his crotch.

“I see you’re getting excited now. Let’s continue a bit more” Gatomon said after seeing his member emerging.

She kept whipping him until Patamon’s member emerged completely with its size of eight inches which surprised Gatomon.

“Wow! I didn’t know you were so big. Let’s pass to the second part of the game” She said going to the table to leave the whip and take a vibrator connected to a control by cable.

Gatomon penetrated the vibrator deeply into Patamon’s ass causing him pain and humiliation.

“It hurts at the beginning. But later, you’ll enjoy it” Gatomon said.

She put herself in front of Patamon and was ready to push the button of the control.

“It’s time for the second part of the game” Gatomon said and pushed the button activating the vibrator.

Gatomon began to lick Patamon’s cock as the vibrations in his ass were replacing his pain with pleasure on stimulating his male g-spot. Gatomon was savoring Patamon’s cock from the base to the tip as if it were a candy stick.

After a minute, Patamon’s member began to vibrate signaling his upcoming orgasm. That made Gatomon put his cock in her mouth to suck it heavily. Between Gatomon sucking his cock and the vibrator stimulating his male g-spot, Patamon reached an extreme orgasm that made him released a massive torrent of his sticky warm sperm into Gatomon’s mouth. She swallowed all his sperm till the last drop enjoying its sweet taste.

“You taste really sweet, Patamon. With that sweet touch of the jelly roll” Gatomon said winking at him.

Gatomon took the ball from Patamon’s mouth and he breathed again; he was too exhausted after that huge ejaculation he did. After that, Gatomon unchained Patamon but she didn’t untie his wings.

“The game’s not over yet” Gatomon said while sitting down on the floor going sprawling. “Come on! Savor this delicate flower between my legs” She said pointing at her pussy.

Patamon put his head on Gatomon crotch and began to lick her pussy on the clit.

“That feels great…” She said enjoying each lick from Patamon’s sweet tongue.

Patamon kept licking her pussy directing his tongue downwards gradually until reaching her vaginal orifice. Then, he introduced his tongue into her vaginal orifice deeper and deeper until reaching her G-Spot.

“Go on, go on” She moaned.

Patamon was holding his breath to give Gatomon all he got at the same time he was savoring her creamy juices dripping on her pussy.

“Patamon, I’m gonna…aaaaaaaahhhh!” She shouted in pleasure and reached a huge orgasm that made her release a huge amount of her creamy juices into Patamon’s mouth. He savored all her cum till the drop.

“I didn’t know you tasted so sweet” Patamon said in a naughty tone.

“I’m glad you liked it” She replied. “This was the last part of the game, so game over”

Gatomon stood up, untied Patamon’s wings and focused her look on the wounds she caused to Patamon with the whip and the chains. So she began to lick them.

“Are you alright, Patamon?” Gatomon asked.

“I’m alright Gatomon, it’s just the wounds” Patamon replied.

“As I had given you a gift as proof of my love for you, I wanted you to give me your own. And your gift was your excitement for the lashes, apart from the expected size of your member” That caused Patamon blush a little. “That threat of hurting you with my claws if you didn’t keep still was a bluff; I’d never hurt you like that” She kept licking his wounds and stopped soon after. “Am I making you feel pain with my licks?” Gatomon asked.

“On the contrary, you’re making me feel better” Patamon replied.

“Thankies Pata-Kun” Gatomon said and kept licking.

“And why did you get me off to sleep?” Patamon asked.

“I decided to get you off to sleep in case you refuse to do it or ran away” She replied. “And I used that substance anti-chloroform to wake you up because or else, I’d have been waiting several hours until you woke up” She kept licking.

“I would have offered to be your… sexual slave, if you’d asked me in the beginning. I’d do anything for you, Gatomon” He said.

“Do anything for me? It’s nice to hear that, Patamon. You’re perfect” She smiled and hugged him gently.

“Thankies, Gato-Chan” Patamon replied hugging her gently too.

“I love you, my warrior of Hope” Gatomon said.

“Me too, my sweet angel of Light” Patamon said.

And then, the little angels kissed passionately.

The end