Login to IRC and chat with us!

Try #Digimon and #DigimonYiff on the FurNet IRC Server.

The DigiArtist's Domain's old IRC channel is #digiartistsdomain on the Esper server. It doesn't get any activity nowadays so try FurNet.

Not familiar with IRC? Follow these steps:

  1. Get a Client. Try any from this list or find one for your phone, such as AndroIRC.
  2. With your client connect to the server irc.furnet.org with the username you want. When entering in the server information you can leave password and other fields as their defaults.
  3. With most clients you'll see a 'global' window and/or other server messages pop up. In the text field enter /join #digimon to join the room. Otherwise you can use your client's menu options to join a room or the server's settings to autojoin a room whenever you connect.
  4. Don't be discouraged by silence! Many IRC users simply leave their client open in the background all day and night. Just because no one is talking doesn't mean no one is listening.
  5. To register so no one else may use your username see registering nicknames on FurNet's Wiki.
  6. Check out other channels on FurNet and other IRC servers too!
Ask on the message boards if you need any more assistance.

See you there!