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Art Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Art Submissions:
  1. This should go without saying, but your work should be related to Digimon. All pics and stories should involve at least one character appearing on the Digimon show or a Digimon movie. If you submit works that are not Digimon-related, chances are good that they will not be allowed on the site. Pointing at others and their non-Digimon work will not change this.

  2. This ALSO should go without saying: Only submit things which you have drawn/colored yourself. Should it be pointed out that your submissions were in no way created by you, your work will immediately be removed from the site.

    Guidelines/Classifications of Drawn Submissions:

    All drawn submissions should be submitted in .JPG/.JPEG, .PNG or .GIF form. Do not send me Bitmap images (".BMP"-files). Please fill out the art submission form completely, signing your alias on your work if at all possible.

  3. Anything you've drawn yourself that is either a single pic or a series of pics that doesn't tell a story is considered art. I accept almost anything in this category, but please don't submit pencil sketches or drawings consisting of only thin black outlines. Make sure your work is clear and easy to see.

    Colored art that is not drawn by you will be accepted as long as it includes the artist's name on it in some form or another, their name or whatever still showing. We will assume that you got the artist's permission before submitting the colorization.

    Non-Hentai work may or may not be accepted. Due to the large amount of images on the picture gallery, all works must have some sort of adult part showing; this is a hentai site after all. Any works that are turned down will be given a reason so that the person may better understand why.

  4. Mangas are series of pictures that tell a story. If you've created a manga, please feel free to submit it, checking the corresponding box, and it will be posted on the Manga page.

  5. The "At a Glance" Section:
    Every author and artist has the option to have a public profile on the Author/Artist page, right next to the comment box. Click here for an example.
    If you want to have such a profile (or if you want to modify your profile), just send a mail to the submission address you normally send your work to. Here are the fields you can fill out. ALL fields are optional. Just fill out what you like.
    • E-Mail address
    • AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ screennames or identification numbers
    • "Likes" and "Dislikes" when it comes to writing or drawing
    • "About the Author/Artist" - a few words about yourself.
Thanks very much for contributing your work! We look forward to hearing from you!