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Dude, where are my dojins?

The short version:
On Feb 15, 2005, I (Chibi Renamon) took down the Japanese mangas (dojins) out of respect for the rights and wishes of the artists.

The slightly longer version:
(In the following explanation, all references to "art" include both lemons and pictures, just as references to "artist" include both authors and picture-artists.)

The Digiartist's Domain does not tolerate art theft in any form. We never did, we never will. We treat the artists who submit their work to our site with the respect they deserve. Creating a picture or writing a lemon is not a trivial task, and we figured that the least we can do is to respect the requests and wishes of the artists.

I guess almost everybody fully agrees with us that this is the way to go. Now here's a question: "Is it okay to rip and post the dojins of other artists without their permission?"

No, it's not. It's art theft.

The Digiartist's Domain is not some Underground Hentai site that rips off the artists it was created for. That is why we removed the Japanese mangas that have not been submitted to us by the original artists.

If you would like to comment on this issue, feel free to send an E-Mail to
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