Shinzo no Kage

At a Glance

Contacting Info:

Drawing Preferences:

Likes:Anime, doujinshi style, and most of all, the free-hand style of drawing.
Dislikes:Not that I hate, but I have some set back regarding Geometrical style of drawing. But then again, I have much to learn.

About the Artist:

Well, minna~ to put it, I am a follower of any anime series I take interest on and an aspiring novice manga-ka or doujin-ka. I draw because it is one of my favorite hobbies and, as well as I enjoy every effort put on the mangas I made. I hope may you all enjoy reading my works as I have enjoyed creating them.


not bad =] ^^

Nice Comic man you are good [black_ashura]

i like the comic [Mecha_Manson]

ok wow! dat comic was awesome! *cough cough* such erm detail... hahaha it was really good for a bloody comic PAAAA! [mel]

I am exited To the limit for that page. [Roxanne]

good work!!! [bob]

BK WarGreymon is sexy! Great job on drawing his studly bod underneath all that armor.

sexy stuff [Ivan Garcia]