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Likes:Hentia, Drawing, Transformers, and anyone?... Renamon... du!
Dislikes:AD&D 3erd edition and girls who think they can change me

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Well what can I say? My name is Michael, I'm thirty something years old American. I'm into roll playing games and giant robots. I like furry art; I write dirty, smut filled, lemons and draw adult cartoons. Also I'm not a smoker, I don't drink and I don't do drugs... my mind is screwed up enough, thank you. ;3


Dude the pic "renamon all night" is awesome! i love it and you should put up more like that! [Alex B]

wow...i need not say you do commisions? []

Sweet art Tamer. Rena never looked hotter. I can't wait to see more. [Tonic Wolfvain]

have seen all Pictures. Congratulationsm, you got a new fan ^^

Who ? there he is. ;) >> [RAkai]

W O O O O W O.O !!

OMG goly *download download download download* XD

this are great pictures. and if u make a bit more color s, the wana be the best... mfg Akai [RAkai]

Wow ^^ VERY CUTE !

I spezialy like the picture with "Zing" (hehe)

But the other Rena s are cool too (i LOVE ur chibi Rena s XD) Dont stop it ^^ [RAkai]

Really good [Paolaguhgd]

Good work man you sure know how to draw, your work is awesome man, congratulation you re one of the best i have seen so keep up the good work [Soul Hunter]

nice work dude! ^_^ [dox]

you have talent

its cool [joe]

Lun's sactuary style art... NICE!!!

Really enjoy Renamon picts. You have great talents keep up the good work. [Tony G]

I'm not a good artist but I'm glad Rena Tamer is. lol I really like how Rena does this. [Minitalon]

Woot!!! Nice!!! Renamon looks so great!!! [Cursedhand]

Always been a fan of your work and in addition of being well done it at times has humor. []

Omg.. you are an artist [=X]

For some reason I love this guys work, hes really good, and he tries, you can see it [Camron]

OMFG! *runs around with glee* chibi renamon! ^_^ [Newo]

great shading and coloring keep up the good work :) [casey ray]

let me be the first comment. Tamer... I love the pics.. Keep it up on Renamon. She's hot, awesome drawings. [Tonitiger_99]

A damned good artist. [Jodan]

^.^ well becouse i love renamon so much i cant help but love these pictures ^.^ if you ever play Secend Life Look me up MisticFox Zuma ^.^ ill show you my renamon av [Misticrenamon]

i love your pics [kris]

Love your art. [Alexander Ritter]

great pics of chibi renamon but if you added a chibi guilmon next to her it would look cooler. [Lou]

i do like the pic rena possible its very good do u think u could draw some more like that i mean rena as different people but u r one very talented artist


Very good drawnings! Keep being the best Axel! We will rock you! [Cosaco]

I think your art is pretty cool, but the coloring could be better. Your *chibi* pics own your gallery, they are the best! [The Crestkeeper]

I love your stories and your art is awesome! Keep it up, can't wait to read and see more of Axel and Rena soon [Silvermane]

wow, i realy like your art, and i myself and a HUGE Renamon fan so i like your work an hope to see alot more of it! [Spike]

Yo Renatamer, how in hell can you do so many excellent good pictures at such a short time? [Mikael Steisner]

Rena Tamer kicks ass! I just love Renamon art! And if anyones got a problem with that, I pistol whip you! [EVL5011]

Nice work... i like it ^_^ [Takashy]

I just have to say WOW! Your pics are great and funny,I hope to read more about your chars in your lemons. Big furry fanboy say (NICE JOB) [ReefinWolf]

please continue fic soon [fan]

Your artistic talent is pretty good. I especially like your representation of Blackstrenamon. A tad too erotic for my tastes in some of these pictures but I like your originality. Unlike most who simply favor Mimi or Jun or something, you like a digimon! Go you! I think you may be able to make an illustrator out of yourself someday. ^_^ Well, tata..must be going. (You must watch Vampire Hunter D; Bloodlust sometime...lovely movie! Borgoff is the best! that movie...) I'm a Wizardmon fan by the way...I know I'm weird...ah well, love your work, farewell. [Kidagakashantelast]

I Love your Axel and Rena series and having Pics to go with just rocks. Can't wait for the Maid Pic to make it into the story. [Sho Ishogi]

Heh, that's a supremely badass looking black and white there. Awesome. [Mista_B]

Rena Tamer has an unique style. Good going, and good luck! [Ndogg]