At a Glance

Contacting Info:

Drawing Preferences:

Likes: when it comes to writing or drawing: I have no real preferences about this. Generally, my adult pictures are drawn for other people, not for me, so I draw what they request to me...
Dislikes: Though, I don't like subjects like pedophilia, watersports, scat, necrophilia and zoophilia with real animals.

About the Artist:

I've enjoyed drawing Digimon since 2000, but only recently I started drawing adult pictures of them, mostly because of commissions and requests. One of my most common subject in adult pics is Garurumon/WereGarurumon, my boyfriend's favourite Digimon. All my pictures of the blue wolf are a gift for him ^^. There would probably be much more to say, but you can find my bio and all my not Digimon-related artwork in my main site, Jurassic Peace ( And yes, it has an adult section with the same pics you can see here at the DAD, and much more ^^