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You, my friend, are a god. [Cathryn]

I'd just like to say that I really love your artwork... [Shevvy]

Nice! ^_^ [bobby]

I simply LOVE Glenns artwork... He draws the hottest Flamedramon ever! [Tas]

i really like this site ple keep up the good work your fan forever [john]

U are a good artist, I really like the poke/Digi ones.

Nice [Cloud]

I allways find myself looking at the pics you draw. Nice work. [Jerry]

I like your style and the work with colours... The closest to the original ones I've seen so far :) [Dr. Zero]

Wow! Dude you rally rock!

I love you! [AnthroPhan]

Aye! It's a-me, Mario! I see me good ol' pal, Yoshi, out-a-there havin' a good ol' time! Hiya, Yoshi! Well, I be-a-leavin' now, have-a-good time, Yoshi! [Mario]

Love the pics...they make me more horny than I already am!!*cums* [Horny Renamon]

god glenn i love your work on vcl...gotta love your have a site of your own please contact me at my name > [ssgogetahildgrn@aol]

damn man you have probably the hottest pics on this site you should be awarded best yiff or digi porn drawer!

Wow,what a large, extensive collection of work! I love it all! ^^ [Sergee]

disturbing, but good [anny]

Heh, who says Pokemon and Digimon can't get along? ^_)^ [Horny Dude]

coooooooooooool [ali]

Wow O.o Impressive collection here, and some very inventive crossover choices. All pictures certainly lookin good ^^ Excellent work. [Reyn]

All the exveemon and flamedrmon pics rule!! ;) [Digilover]

Just a litle bit crazy...but good! :D [Lupo Nemo]

Sup Gleen? I really really appreciate your artwork! I know your work from the DHZ,and even in another site your work does not lose its high quality! Keep it up my fav artist! [HotStrike]

I love your Flamedramon art [Flamedramon]

i love all your pix of digimon theyre so good !!!! [jimmy]

kick ass [eb]

Glenn rawks the motherfucking house! ^_^ Best anthro artist out thurr right now. [AX]

Great Work! You've made me HARD! [Chopper]

Your artistic skill is astonishing! Alot of these works people would kill (or rape 8X) to draw.

They so much effort and life put into them. I really think you (Glenn) could become a paid proffesional.

^^ [Digilover]

Even the old ones are great. Although lacking the special effects of the newer ones they still have that sexy realistic emotion to them.

Some of my faves arthe one with the two horse digimon, (heh i forgot their names ^^) the one with mewtwo doing flamedramon and then the one where flamedramon and Xveemon is all over mewtwo.

And I can't forget the ones where Xveemon is pounding charizard and when charizard goes on the offensive on flamedramon. [Digilover]

Another delicious page of work. I'm just loving the tentecle pics(espesaily with blackwargreymon) and the one with the entire veemon family, oooooooo talking about a family reunion. Another one of my favs is the one with wargreymon and flamedramon. I love how wargreymon looks so dominant!

Mmmmmmmm Alpha Male [Digilover]

OMG your artistic skills are so great. Oooooo I wish all of these digimon were real! [Digilover]

vary nice I like all of them [darktrooper]

Hiyas, Glenn. I LOOOOOVE your art!! I ask what many think, will you update and add more art, or are you taking a break?? [Ravenous Fan]

shit man!!i love these pics man! pls draw tuns more!!!! [gayky]

Nice, i like the ones with simba :D

Not Bad [Tence]

a superb collection of wierd and wonderful work. Keep it up [Mont]

I love your Digimon erotic fanart! The yaoi one specially! you rocks! [MarsW]

these are great i want to see more great job glenn love em [Flamedramon Lover]

I like how you draw... your pictures are really neat! And your variety of characters gives it an interesting appeal... Spyro! Anyway, good job. [Phantasy]

Im, argentine,im sorry but you can draw more. this pictures are old. I love your art, is wonderful... Thanks [emmanuel]

mewtwo looks good with renamon [mewtwo]

Ooo~ Awesome M/M yiffy artness... I wish someone would do one of me and Leomon... OH hey I'd like to chat sometime... I'm Hope to hear from you! [kitty_love_yaoi]

I love you! [SDG]

nice pics ;)

You don't know me but I just love your work. [Ramsey Nava]

Thank god for yiff! [Fuzzyness]

I've seen MANY artists around the web and you are by far my favorite. Keep up the amazing work! it kicks ass!

Glenn is, in my opinion, the god of all gay digmon porn. [Voorhees]

what can I say? Mr Glenn has became a classic with his genuine artwork and personal sthetic. [James Corck]

i kinda like the drawings, especialy the tenticle ones [julian]

i love this site it has all i love i love pokemon, digimon, sex, dicks, dickgirl... [tazz]

Well they are... very iteresting... Not exactuly what I expected to find when I looked up digimon pics..

*drools* Seeexy!~ X3 [Razorwirepuppet]

I juz admire ur artwork! Its like a net caught my eyes when i 1st look at it. Good Job ^_^ [Fat3]

Excellent work :) wow [Amael]

cool [trev]

Awsome work ^^ [Choodles]

I cant believe im one of the first ones to write a comment. This artwork is the best. []

u r one a the best i've ever seen, like no joke. [special k]

I love to see Simba getting some action :) [LK_Fan]

I don't want to say my name or nick because my friends can recognize me. I only want to say that the art of Glenn is THE BEST ON EARTH (and forgive me if I wrote it wrong, because I have a poor english level), despite what other people say. Glenn, if you read this some day, I want to know if you have more art than this, and where. And your webpage, I'm sure you have one! [Spanish fan of Glenn]

Simply Outstanding [ReduxRaptor]

Year More of this cool Yiffy Digimon Art [Buimon]

Man!!!. . .You should know how much i LOVE your art Mr Glenn and seing forward to the future when you have done even more...YOUR THE BEST!!! What i like most: The lionking Adult and the Flamedramon getting he's tailhole busy art. AWSOME!! [Limpman]

Hehe... Nice work.Not only is it good art, it is also good yiff! [Random Dude]

Yo Glenn! I been at all time I been here loved your Works more than all the other Artists (the most of ya out there isnt so bad after all, no offence) But are you still doing any new pics? I want to see more of your works in a near future. //Mikael =) [Mikael Steisner]

very nice man keeep itu up ^^; so much hyper so little time [the wanderer]

thats cool! thats p�rfekt [tarki]

I love your work [Michael]

Yum yum.. *cum*

this is some kick ass shit

oh my god. this is so fucking pleasurable. blow jobs are so cool [Jake]

Whoa, hehe just stumbled onto your site, and think it's ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! You VERY good-sized archive, and a fantastic variety of characters! Nice Job! I'll most defenitly be spreading the word, and cumming back here! (pun intended) [Kappy]



God man i like yiff....but can't you draw your own characters?....Good job though [Yiff Boy]

Holy cow man, this stuff is really hot. It makes me cum just looking at it =) [Shnewk]

cool [trevor]

oooooohhhhhhhhh its so great ur art is wonerfulllllllll i really like the leomon and blackwar greymon and x veemon ones [placid]