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Likes:Feet, Bondage, Anything Cool
Dislikes:Scat, Pedophilia, Snuff

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Well, not much to say about me. I'm a furry, playing an anthro Hare on the internet. I live in Cali, Male, taken (sorry ;) ). I love to draw, and wish i got paid enough to do it so that it's the only thing I do. I enjoy fan mail, so don't be too shy to EMail me. I'll always try to reply. ^^


Feet are yummy. :3 [Surge]

I love the artworks about feet licking, more more!!! [Giran]

luv the foot pics. could you pleeeeease make some digi-destind foot fetish pics (especially matt&takato)? [alucard]

I love all your work, you are a great artist ^_^ [Guest666]

nice pics clarence especially of exveemon\agumon. Of upi can make some pics of exveemon\wargreymon [KillerX]