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These pics are really good, i know i'de like to see more. Great Job [Sparky]

Just wanna say your pics are awesome! Would love to see more Ruki/Reika pics ;) [Nosferatu]

nice art work [shdw]

Ooooh I love the caterpillar dickgirl! [Billy]

:O that's hot!!! [bob]

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alsome art [trent]

i like your yaoi stuff. boys are so hot. i think you should do more yaoi :D [genesisangel]

very cool a lot a Black Dog's sailor moon dpoujinshi pics very coool artist very cool pics! [the unknown soldier]

nice pics :P

hy, this pics are really very pretty, i hope that i found more pics in this style. greetz from germany [animemeister (GER)]

Woaw., that are cool anime pictures. Do you have 3D model and resin kit anime nude? That very great. [Selenity]

there good

These were asome pictures. I liked. Why there's no pictures about Iori (cody) Hida? (I just love him.) [Les]

Sexy [Burn]

Nice... keep up the good work! [Chakkaeron]

This is GREAT, KEEP it up... [JOHNNY]

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I love it

Dude! You got talent. You must have the best gallery here. [David]

very good like alot ^_^ [ڪ��\/�]

is the one at the top with pinklines sopos to be tomo from asu manga dio [unonamis]

Some of the best art we have seen on the domain, we love it. Keep up the good work, if not for us, for everyone that visits here. [AterAliquis]

i love wut u got with the digimon but u sould put more like blow jobs [love porn]

Yumminess ^_^ [Nega'Xul]

Nice... [Yami no Ou]

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all I can say is ....... SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!! [REDMAN74]


nice. your a very good artist. you can realy tell teh certain emotion the caracters are feeling by just looking at their eyes [dynamic]

nice [:D happy :D]