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love your drawings [satan]

very nicely done! keep em commin! [specter]

cool i like []

i like your iddeas about difrent types of renamons but and akuji and yourself, but can you make: a pic of all the rena girls and a pic of you and akuji [Raven]

Umm i think you need to add some color in but it all looks pretty nice [Echo]

so, sexy o.o [giltia]

Great Picutes XD ! I love them and wana see more of it :) *please* [RAkai]

awesome, well drawn [nick]

i really like your art work! WAY COOL!!! [yphynnya]

Realy god pictures, but more pictures of gatomon please!!! [all mighty wistbacka]

nice pictures... i really like em [Jeffery ferens]

great artwork,love the detail [Volk]

omg i luv the vaporeon pics, great work man [Yuji]

I really love your work!! I wish I could draw like you! You should color your pics.. they are great!! [Renamon Fan]

nice work.. u still can finish them thought..but nice work anyways ^_^ [Gioscolase]

Dude, this stuff is Really good.... Wow, wish i kould dRaw well..... ^_^ [Pennywise]

This is good, and its lots of it to. What more can anyone ask for? [Zerikal]

wow those are cool pics

Yo! your arts are GREAT!!!!!! hey do you got more of Gatomon,Angewomon,Ranamon pictures ??? [Mokuba]


Hey these are pretty cool pictures. Im gunna use some dieas from the -ahem- cleaner ones forsome art I draw. I love the male feline in the trench coat. It reminds me of a furrie thats married to my furrie. [Katherine]

keep up the good work:] [digiman]

good picture [Alex]

Varey nice [R]

nice pics man [the cowboy]

Keep it UP with the cat, fox, bunny and wolf furries!!! [Wolf]

awsome pics! think you can make it spicier? [loudin]

Great opinion: the best here...but that's just me. Keep up the good work! [H-Kojii-X]

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God...

PS: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

XD Just playin wif you Acchanny. Great work. [MasterTrunks]

Some of the best stuff I've seen on the website. Congrats! [HidiRyo]

The first picture is the best! Renamon is kissing with a girl and having sex! [Ignas]

How about you go back to your drawings and color them? It's the only improvement I can suggest. You're work's great otherwise! [Psycho]

Nice renamon art,Its really nice [Renagadez]

wow! [ThePunisher]

EXALANT! person your really good at drawing, but more penitration drawings if you please. and some more lez pics. other than that awsome pix. [Ryan]

Vary good art work, and nice detail on the characters. Keep up the good work [Jesse]

I like these pics they r drawn realy well. [doombringer]

Dude fucking Sweet you are great!! [Bernard]

Love your art Acchan. Especially these renamon pics, the're great! Keep up the good work ^_^ [Wesley]

That renamons hr_akuji_vulpa_02.Gif really makes me hot adn the dazzarena02.gif is very hot. [Lucas]

These pics are making me so horny! [Kai]

Some of these are pretty sweet and you got style dude dont give up and keep dishing these out man. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!! [Jay]

nice pics [bobo]

very nice art and form keep it up [Sharon]

intresting X3 [blindabyss]

god work [new]

wow some of the better furry pics out dere [jj b]

ur drawings r very good !! i luv the first 1 where she is a chibi

these are awesome and very inspiring you have great talent if you ceck this please send me an email to so we might discuss your art further, thankyou [dreamweaver]

great work! [jonny O]

These are all very good, but I do belive they are also pretty old. Good job Acchan! I'm glad your name just so happens to be at the top of the list! [Mark]

I think this art is awesome. I was wondering if you did requests? If you do, then please e-mail me at Anywho, your art is awesome. [Aaron]

Love them [Jaffer Roshak]

nice ^_^ [Redrun89]


Acchan does some simply excellent art.. whether it's original or digimon. An absolute brilliant artist. [Kate]

I like the blue but I thought renamon was yellow. anyway I like the pikachu one. [talim]

nice piks =) i am hot =P [olin99]